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VI- "When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 6 of 6)

Particles of matter vibrate at different frequencies. When you experience something, the rate of your vibrations depend upon what you think and the emotions you feel. The more "feel-good" emotions and positive thoughts, the higher the vibrations. How do you raise your own vibes? By changing your attitude and perspective to a positive view. My friend, Fran shares her story about how her life changed in a positive way by raising her vibes.

Below is part 6 of Fran's story (the final part).
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Fran's Story, Part 6...

Another important lesson that has helped me is practicing forgiveness.  Forgiveness to myself and other people.  I have issues from my past with guilt for things I feel that I did wrong, for mistakes I made etc.  I thought I had let most of this go, but occasionally another memory from the past will appear and the guilt will resurface again.  The guilt used to consume me and eat me up from inside.  But now I have been practicing truly forgiving myself and then letting these things go.   

Recently another person had been treating me in a way that was not very nice and had started to anger me.  It had started to affect me because I was holding onto it.  I was seeing it as a personal attack on me.  But by changing my view, I realised that a lot of the way people treat others is because of things going on in their own life and in themselves.  And by viewing it this way gives me the ability to see the situation as to the question ‘what is wrong in their life or what are they struggling with that expresses itself in this way’, instead of seeing it as a personal attack on me.  The way we act and react is more so telling the story of what is going on inside us.   

That really empowers me to try to help the person with whatever issues they have rather than focusing on the way they are treating me.  So I forgive them for the way they were treating me, feel sorry for them for whatever difficulties they are going through and try to help them instead.  And that totally releases the negativity that I was holding onto viewing the situation the other way.

I have matured spiritually over this last year, but I have gained more of a sense of humor in everyday things and a childlike view of the world, where everything is beautiful and amazing.  From the beginning I have been directed on this journey and have found my way through the darkness into a beautiful place of Peace and Love and Light and Laughter and Smiles.  I have learnt about myself and about life.  I have found my purpose and have had a good look inside myself.  I have realised that life is not a struggle; it is only so if we perceive it that way and let it be that way. 

I am happy and peaceful just now.  I am still learning, still making mistakes, and occasionally falling.  But I forgive myself for those mistakes; I brush my wings off, jump back up and come back fighting harder and stronger.  I fly again and take the lessons I have learnt and use them the best way I can and move forwards.  The only reason to look back is to see how far I have come.  I have a little look as a reminder every now and then, but I really leave it all behind me.  I focus on the present and I fly into the future.  I let go of any excess baggage from the past so that I can carry myself forwards and take others with me who may need a little lift.  There is no point in me holding onto stuff that I no longer need.  I want to make room for the stuff that I need and want to take with me.  That way I can fly longer, higher and further.

I know how to raise my vibrations and I finally understand that smiling and laughing is not just a case of plastering a smile on my face or forcing laughter out of my mouth.   No, instead these truly come from finding a reason to smile and laugh in everything you do or see or experience.  Finding the positive in everything and really feeling it.  Really feeling that smile and laughter inside; the buzzing high vibrations of true laughter, smiles and happiness.  Because these are the ones that will spread like a virus to everyone around you.  But this virus is actually a cure.  A cure to change the world.  A cure that spreads from the centre outwards affecting all that it touches.  When my vibrations are really high, I feel like I am floating along and my soul is dancing and singing as my physical body is walking along the ground.  

I have always wanted to change the world.  Right from the very start of my life that had been my dream.  And now I realise that I CAN change the world – we all can.  We can change the world one person and one vibration at a time.  And that change starts within each and every one of us.  We raise ourselves up and then spread this outwards to other people too.  Like a giant ripple effect.  And when you experience those higher vibrations, nothing else matters, nothing can beat you, nothing can take you down.  And by changing the way I view the world, my attitude, my actions and thoughts – these all made a difference to how I feel and how my life progresses.  And these in turn affect the people around me and their lives too.  In the past I never fully grasped the concept of how a smile could make a difference – but now I do.

So thank you Mama Indigo, thank you guide book, thank you fellow Indigo’s, thank you fellow humans, animals, the world and the universe.  Thank you everyone and everything that have taught me lessons and led me to today.  Because without you all I would not be who I am and be where I am in my life.  Life is beautiful, awesome and amazing – it always is and always has been.  It’s just sometimes we forget to see it that way.   

Now I hope to spread this to other people and help them see the reality of what really is.  Because from this viewpoint - no matter what happens, I will always drink the lemonade instead of the lemons.  And that is thanks to the awesome guidance I have been given.

It all helped me find and release the warrior inside me – to find the voice of my soul which stands up against the odds and sings a beautiful song: A song of understanding; a song of knowing; a song of wisdom and knowledge; a song of love and laughter and light and truth.

So smile, laugh and love – these are the tonics which will make your life awesome, and others too :)

Thank you, Fran for sharing with everyone. You are an inspiration.
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

V- "When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 5 of 6)

I met Fran through a facebook group a few months ago. We often chatted about various things. Over time, I saw a transformation in Fran.. she was happier. I could see it in her messages, in her postings, and in her comments. I had given her basic advice on occasion and I know she was reading the guide book I co-authored; but the changes she made were all her. Fran chose to be herself, to view life from a positive perspective. I asked her to share her story...
Below is part 5 of Fran's story. 
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Fran's Story, Part 5...
Another thing that I have learnt on this journey is to think and be outside the box.  Labels confine and define us as to who we are, and so therefore can limit us as to who we are and who we can become.  I have been given a few mental illness labels over the years.  And for these years I let these diagnoses define me.  But now I am changing and being more than the labels used to define me, I am free to be whatever and whoever I want to be.   

Some people I know do not like the change in me.  I am more assertive and say what I think and stand up for what I believe in.  I do not fit in to neat little boxes with ticks by the side.  But these people who do not accept me can only stop me from being this person if I let them.  And now I will not let them change me back to who I was before.  Because my truth and reality and understanding of who I am, not what someone else wants me to be.  If, like me, you are used to being controlled by other people or other things, or even your own behavior patterns - sometimes it is hard to break out of that mould.  But when you start to it feels great.  And finding the right people who will allow you to be you and keeping them around you, will help.  Holding onto the things and people in your life that help you, and releasing the things that don’t, is another powerful thing I have learnt.  My new friends, including Mama Indigo and the guidance from The Indigo Child's Survival Guide are the things that help me to be me.

Some of the things I do now people think I am strange and weird (although people always labelled me that anyway!).  But now I push away what others label me as.  I try not to worry what other people will think about me.  I accept myself as to who I am and therefore allow myself to be that person.  I will jump around and play and dance on the beach with my dog.  I will stop and hug a tree on my walks.  I will lie down on the ground and stare up at the stars.  And if people find this strange then so be it, but my hope is they will see how fun and joyous these things are, and will loosen up themselves and do the things that their soul would love to do.  The conforms the lot of society would call these things strange and would not normally be acceptable.  My own family will tell me not to do a lot of the things that I do, or say that it is embarrassing and people will think I am strange.   

Now I challenge my family on these thoughts – I ask them what the problem is with me doing whatever it is they don’t like.  I ask them why it matters so much what other people think.  I challenge their thinking to try to help them to be more open minded too.  I ask them what is wrong with me just being me.  I still get embarrassed sometimes when things happen - like when I am singing or chatting away to myself or my angel or guide or something, or I see something pretty and say ‘wow, that’s pretty’ out loud, and someone appears around the corner and hears me.  Part of me closes up because it is not normal in my town to do these things.  But then I laugh when they are gone, shrug my shoulders and think ‘well I was just enjoying myself – no harm done so there is no problem.’  Or even better, I will look at the person and laugh, and they may laugh too.  And all these things raise my vibrations and hurt no-one, so I will continue to do them.  And you never know – it might encourage someone else to hug a tree too or have an impromptu sing-along!

After the last fall I had, I started practicing gratitude more.  Truly being thankful for everything in my life.  Appreciating everything.  As now as I walk along a street, I will seek out the beauty and things to appreciate – with my eyes, with my ears, with my mind – in every way that I can.  I can turn a simple stone on the ground into a reason to be grateful and appreciate it.  And this really changes my viewpoint of the world.   

If you can turn every neutral thing you see or experience into something beautiful and amazing, then you will be prepared to turn any future potential struggles and difficulties into positives.  Like turning lemons into lemonade – the lemons are still the same, but the sweetness added to turn them into lemonade makes them taste nice instead of horrible.  We all have the power to add our own sweetness to the lemons – just changing how you view something can change the lemons into lemonade.  Add a pinch of positivity and your life will be sweet enough to drink with pleasure instead of bitterness.

Watch for the final installment, Part 6 of Fran's Story in the next blog.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

IV- "When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 4 of 6)

Have you fallen? Pick yourself up, deep breathe and center yourself. Look negativity square in the eye and say, "Not today!" And then you rise higher than you ever were before. If you believe it's never going to happen guess what, it will happen. How hard you stumble is your choice. Dance with it. Go with the flow. The signs are all around you.. just pay attention and listen to the music of life.

Below is part 3 of Fran's story. 
If you wish to read the first 3 parts, you can find them here:
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Fran's Story, Part 4...

I read again about messages and signs from your higher self, guides, angels and other messengers.  I kept noticing things and getting little pointers to help me on my way.   I loved the little things gently shown to me, and every time I get a sign or a message, I laugh and say ‘oh, yes, thank you, I understand that now.’  To me it makes me laugh and smile, because it is quite awesome how the signs are shown and I automatically understand.  Like a little post-it-note written into my life in a way that I will understand.  Some reminders are gentle; some will almost slap me in the face if I was maybe missing the point with the subtle signs.  I find this lovely because it reminds me that my soul / higher self, does know what is best for me and is always trying to communicate, I just have to be prepared to listen.  So now I am open all the time to see these signs.

My cat who had died 8 years ago visited me last week on the anniversary of her death.  I was feeling quite low that day, but suddenly she appeared in my thoughts.  I held her for a moment and then carried on with what I was doing.  She obviously wanted to speak to me, so to get my attention she jumped on the bed next to me.  I did not see her, but I felt something touch my back and felt her presence.  I felt tingly and then she talked to me – not words that I could hear but I knew what she was saying to me.  In the past I would not have been open to believing this or understanding myself.  But because I had learnt about messengers and guides I realised it was her.  She had been a very special cat to me when she was alive – her nature was so sweet and loving and pure.  I had always felt that while she was alive she had been there to teach me things.  Every time I think about her she just resonates unconditional love.  And this to me was a powerful reminder that what I resonate will spread to the people around me.  Just as she could raise my vibrations by being close by to her, so we all can raise the vibrations of those around us when we hold a high vibrational state and resonate with pure unconditional love.

So that leads me on to say a little about my higher self knowing what is best for me.  I can be very wilful and stubborn, not giving up on what I want to achieve.  And this is a trait that I understand a lot of Indigo’s have – a warrior spirit.  But, again as I have learnt from the book, that sometimes what we think we want may not be what is best for us.  So it is hard to distinguish between what are obstacles that we can try to overcome to continue fighting towards our goals, and what are obstacles deliberately there to stop us on that path because it is not where we need to be going.

I am still learning to try to let go of exact plans how I want things to turn out and just go with the flow; like writing this article.  I desperately tried and tried again about a month ago to write this, but blocks kept coming up and I couldn’t get the words to come out.  I had another fall again first, and now I can write this with a bit more wisdom and a few more things to add.  I realised the words would flow out when they were ready to, not just when I wanted them to.  And it is hard to let go of how I plan things out, because I have always had a fear of the unknown and uncertainty.  I like things planned out so I know what I am doing.  But holding that fear was holding me back.  So although it felt uncomfortable trying to ‘go with the flow’, I realised that all my planning was possibly shutting off the possibilities of other things I had not thought of.  Some things of course need planning and action, but too much planning for me meant I was missing out on the moment I was in and trying to jump ahead.  Whereas living in the moment meant I could appreciate the now and pay attention to things I could not see when I had been rushing forward into the next thing.

As I started to write this story out, I noticed a song playing on someone’s radio outside.  ‘Shine the Light of Love’.  I began to sing along loudly.  I was not even sure these were the actual lyrics, but these were what came across to me through the song.  Little signs or reminders like this have the ability to bring tears of joy and wonderment to me.  I get emotional very easily now because of the beauty I see in everything.  Not only were the words of the song beautiful, but also the meaning behind me hearing those words at that moment; reminding me of my purpose.

When I was asked to write this article, I started it, but then another episode of depression and negativity and self-doubt resurfaced.  I fell again quite deep and lost myself for a while – but then when I began to use my guidebook (The Indigo Child's Survival Guide) again and other things I had read, I rose back up again.  But this time I was a little bit wiser than before the fall.  I had another fall again before I finally could finish this article.  

Each time I have fallen I come back a bit higher and I have understood a lot more.  Each of these falls is lessons.  Everything I read in the guidebook or other places like posts on the internet, I am just reading the words.  For me to fully understand what I am reading takes me to experience it in some way.  After each fall I have had, I have truly understood another lesson.  And that cannot be taught by another person.  The ‘teacher’ is here to guide us, but we have to understand things for ourselves.  

So that is why I am grateful for each fall I have…. Because every single fall or challenge I have been through has made me who I am today.  Everything I have experienced has taught me lessons that will stay with me throughout my life.  And although those experiences are hard at the times, they are worth it to me, because although the darkness can consume you if you let it, when compared to the absolutely awesomeness of the rising after the fall and the amazing feeling when my vibrations are raised even higher – the darkness is worth it to really appreciate and understand the Light.  And each new time the fall is smaller and the rise is higher.  

Any challenges I now face I try to view with acceptance.  That this is my reality just now.  Because it is only when I refuse to accept how things are that the suffering occurs.  Acceptance does not mean that you are giving in and won’t try to change your reality.   It simply means that you accept that this is your reality as it is in the current moment, but you can still take action to change the outcome in the future of your present reality.

Watch for Part 5 of Fran's story in the next blog.
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Monday, October 15, 2012

III- "When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 3 of 6)

A few weeks ago, I asked my friend to share her story. In the months I have known her, I had the pleasure of seeing her attitude towards life change in a very delightful way. When I asked her to write it, I only requested that she be herself and just let it flow.

Below is part 3 of Fran's story. 
If you wish to read the first 2 parts, you can find them here: Part 1 and Part 2 

Fran's Story, Part 3 of 6…

I spent time trying to figure out where to go from here.  A section in the guide book (The Indigo Child's Survival Guide) on finding your passion was very helpful to me.  I had so many things I loved to do, and was quite talented at.  But spreading myself so thin between them all meant that I couldn’t go far with any specific things.  I remember when I was younger people telling me that no-one likes their job and you can’t do something that you like.  Well, this never rang true to me.  I had always thought, why not do something that I like?  I love animals and I now work in a pet shop and help at dog training classes.  I am happy in this and I never wake up and dread going to work anymore like I used to.  I love my job.  

The pet shop is just selling products to animal owners – but I love talking to the owners and seeing the dogs that come in.  Everyone who comes in the shop would have some kind of story to tell.  And by being around all different types of people broadens my experience of the world.  I love listening to them and allowing them to share stories of their passion for whatever pet they have.  I have always been the kind of person that people gravitate towards to share problems, even if they are strangers they seem able to open up to me.  Some people just want to have a chat to someone, and I am always happy to listen. Although again with help from techniques in the guidebook, I remember psychic protection first so that I do not take their problems and negativity as my own or allow them to drain my energy.  In the past I probably drained myself.  I believe this I why for a long time I was scared to be around anyone – I always wanted to be alone and didn’t want people to come near me.  People terrified me.  I figured out now it was probably because I did not protect myself, and being empathic everything would get dumped on me.  I could not distinguish between other people’s emotions and my own, because I did not know there was a difference.  But now I finally understood how to stop this from happening, so I wanted to be around people again.

One day in the shop an older gentleman had been talking to me for about 15 minutes about his life, and then asked if I get bored with nothing to do in the shop in-between customers.  He assumed because I was fully engaged in listening to him and gave him my undivided attention, that I had nothing else I could be doing.  I laughed gently and admitted to him that I had loads of jobs to do with pricing orders and things, but at this moment he was my priority.  His need came before whatever I needed to do.  He wanted to talk and I was willing to listen.  I felt a difference in his energy as he left the shop, like he felt worth more because someone had listened to him.  I wouldn’t have noticed this before, but now I am becoming more aware of sensing people.  And I feel in the shop that by interacting with people I can brighten their day in some way.  This helps me to feel good about myself too – that I can make a difference to someone’s day just by talking to them.  And every time I feel that I can make a difference, my vibrations raise a bit more – so it’s a win win situation.

I know that training animals is one of my passions because it gives me the most amazing feeling.  And it is infectious to other people watching.  I enjoy showing and demonstrating to others how to have fun with their dog because then I see both the owners and the dogs go away happier.  It brings my vibrations higher and a smile on my face and joy in my heart.  And my idea to share this with others is to visit sick people with my dog in order to help them feel better.  The one thing throughout the years I was ill that never left me was my love for animals.  I could be at the lowest point but an animal, or even talking about an animal could brighten that moment, even if it was only slightly.  I have learnt since that animal’s vibrations are high when they are well, so this must be why it feels so good to be near them.  So I can share this with others.

My other passion is creativity – writing or creating things on my computer or pictures.  When I was really ill in hospital, the one thing that I would do was paintings.  Even in the depths of despair my pictures were always the same – bright yellow suns with water and trees.  It was as if my soul was expressing itself and trying to show me the light was there, even though I could not see it.

When doing one of my passions, I get lost in time.  They make me happy.  I also like making people laugh.  Sometimes people don’t understand my sense of humour or get my jokes, but that in turn is funny to the person too, so we end up laughing anyway.  I know these are the passions for me to follow, because they are things I love with no need for anything in return.  They raise my vibrations when engaged in them.

Reading about psychic skills I understood I was very empathic – picking up other people’s emotions.  Before I had learnt to protect myself, these people’s emotions would become my own and would affect me.  So when I am prepared, the skills used to psychically protect myself first enable me to try to read others but not take their emotions as my own.  Sometimes I am caught unaware.  Just the other day I was walking along the river and as I came around a corner there was a man sitting on a bench.  I immediately felt a deep sadness, enough to nearly make me cry.  I smiled to him as I walked past and said hello.  But inside I was feeling sad and so sorry for him.  And before all that I have learnt now, this emotion would have stayed with me and I would have felt sorry for his situation and focused on that.  My inability to change his situation would have weighed heavy on my mind and the sadness would have slowed my vibrations down, possibly dragging back towards depressed mood.  I really do think that a lot of the time I had depression was from taking on other people’s emotions and problems to myself.  Any articles in papers or on the news would make my mood lower as I felt pain and sadness for the suffering they were going through.  But then, I remembered about raising other people’s vibrations through our own high vibrations.  And that day I truly understood why my focusing on his situation as bad and horrible and sad, was not going to help him.  My vibrations were lower when thinking like that.  What I could do instead was hold my vibrations higher again and show him love and spread the high vibrations to him.  So this was another reminder that I could do things to help change the world.  I was not powerless to help in any way.  And feeling that I can make a difference motivates me more and is another way my vibrations can raise up higher.

Watch for Part 4 of Fran's Story in the next blog.
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II- "When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 2 of 6)

I asked Fran to share her story... "Hi everyone, my name is Fran (StarSoulWhisperer), and this is the story of how a book, a teacher and a little bit of laughter changed my life, and helped me to find out who I really am..."

Fran's Story, Part 2 of 6…

I would spend hours in the evenings on my own figuring things out.  Now I knew who I was, what was I going to do with this knowledge?  What were my next steps?  What did I want to achieve?  The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide provided me guidance on every aspect of my life that I needed.  From learning how to ground and balance myself, meditation, learning about manifestation and the Law of Attraction.  Finding my life’s passions.  How to recognise signs from Angels, Guides, messengers.  Learning about the psychic gifts Indigo’s have.  And energy healing for myself and others.

As I read the section on manifesting desires, the Law of Attraction and thoughts carrying energy, I was surprised to note back times when I had attracted things to me without even realising I was doing so.  One time when I was really short of money and had some bills to pay, I didn’t start worrying; I just believed something would happen that would sort it out.  Sometimes my family would call me na├»ve or say that I was burying my head in the sand by not worrying about the money situation.  I didn’t know about manifestation and the Law of attraction at that time, but I have always had belief that things will sort themselves out in the end.  I had no idea where this belief came from, but I really assumed it would be alright.  The next day through the post I got a cheque for a few hundred pounds of tax back that I had overpaid.  That easily sorted out the bills I owed.  But I also learnt that manifestation also required action on my part.  I too had to work at what I wanted and not just wait for it to drop on my plate with no effort from myself.

I also found out about karma – one day when I donated to charity online, within the hour I found out something I was going to sell was worth a lot more than I thought it was.  I wasn’t looking for a payback for giving a donation to the charity, but it came back to me anyway.

I began to trust my intuition.  I noticed things that I hadn’t noticed before.  Little messages pointing things out to me that I had been failing to notice.  And once I started being aware of these things, I realised how much guidance I am always being offered, and how much I already know.  I had some divination cards, and they always told me exactly what I already knew.  The answer was always inside me, I just hadn’t seen it.  It was like my eyes were finally really opening, seeing through the veil that kept the truth hidden.

I decided to have a massive clear out of my flat.  To let go of all the material things I didn’t need.  Now, I have never really thought I was very materialistic – but this was suddenly a new feeling of finally come to the realisation that I was happy just being alive.  No matter where I was, I was happy in myself rather than in where I was or what I had with me.  There was beauty in everything, no matter where I was.

I went through a period of a few weeks of being so happy, it was almost unbelievable to me because I had not experienced happiness for a very long time.  I was bouncing around everywhere, a smile permanently on my face.  My vibrations were so high, I felt like I was buzzing.  Nothing could bother me.  There were some paperwork issues to sort out but I wasn’t worried.  I knew it would be ok in the end.  I was just happy.

Probably one of my ‘saving graces’ was that no matter everything I had been through over the years, I always thought of myself as fortunate.  I was grateful that I had a roof over my head and food to eat.  I had been diagnosed with a severe mental illness but I was grateful the doctors would treat me.  And I was grateful to live through the illness where the statistics would have said I would be dead by now.  It wasn’t like I truly understood it all yet, especially in these darker times.  But for a lot of things, I never felt angry or ‘why me’ for what I was going through.  Don’t get me wrong, like most of us to start with, I found many things to complain about and saw injustices and focussed on them.  But for me, always in the back of my mind was the reminder of the things I did have.  I was always grateful for something.

But back to this year again – I now felt like a little ‘Indigo baby’, opening her eyes in this new world where I finally felt I belonged but still had much to learn.  Like I had been reborn.  And thankfully with the guidebook to guide me, I had a helping hand in this new world.

I looked at the energy healing section again.  I had been interested in Reiki before and had been attuned to level 1.  But the book showed me how to send healing energy through ourselves from the divine universal source, with no need for special courses and attunements to specific energies.  The healing ability could be channelled through us anyway.  One day my goldfish was sick, he was upside down and I knew what illness this normally meant and what medical treatment I would have needed to buy.  But instead I used energy healing in the evening and by the next morning he was swimming happily again the right way up.  I was amazed at first, but then laughed as I realised that I had still doubted myself, whereas I knew that I could heal him.  And this change in viewpoint made the difference.  I believed I could do it and I did.  After all, I now understood it was something bigger than me.  I am just a channel for this energy, so even if my own insecurities could lead me to doubt myself, there was no way that I could doubt in the Universal life force energy (source energy, creator energy or whatever you individually would call it).

I had tried in the past to give my dog Reiki healing sessions, but he always went to another room when I started focusing the energy on him.  With animals they know when they need healing and will only take the energy when they need it.  But one day recently, I knew my dog had an upset tummy.  And suddenly he walked right up to me where I was sitting on the floor and turned his back end towards me.  He pushed himself backwards so he ended up between my hands.  I intuitively knew he was asking for healing, so I stopped what I was doing and focussed on the healing.  I knew when it was enough because he simply walked away after a while, had a drink and then lay down to sleep nearby me.  It felt awesome that he knew what I could give him and that he had asked me for it.  He trusted my ability more than I did.

Watch for Part 3 of Fran's Story in the next blog.
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Friday, October 12, 2012

I-"When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 1 of 6)

A few months ago, I originally joined several groups on facebook searching for more answers. Instead, I found myself acting as the teacher; a guide for anyone who asked for help. Out of nowhere, I received a friend request from Fran. After several months of getting to know Fran and watching her grow both mentally and spiritually, I asked her to write her story for this blog. No specific guidelines to how it's written; I just requested that she let it flow. To tell her truth with her own voice. Because of the length of her story, I will be presenting it in six parts. Here is Part 1:

Fran's Story, Part 1 of 6…

Hi everyone, my name is Fran (StarSoulWhisperer), and this is the story of how a book, a teacher and a little bit of laughter changed my life, and helped me to find out who I really am.  Now of course there were loads of events leading up to this point, and a whole load of synchronicity too, but that is for later in the story.  For now, I will start at the beginning:

30 years ago I was born in the United Kingdom into a loving family, with two sisters.  No-one could say I wasn’t loved and cared for by my family, but for some reason I just didn’t seem to fit in to the world.  Throughout these 30 years, I spent a lot of the time feeling alone, afraid, depressed, and confused as to who I was.  I did not understand the world as others seemed to.  So many questions in my head and heart but no-one to answer them for me.  So many fears.  So much sadness for all the suffering in the world and the frustration and pain that I could do nothing about this.

I was bullied throughout my childhood, for how I looked and how I acted, or for seemingly no reason at all.  I had zero self confidence and was scared to speak to people.  I felt emotions so strongly – like a physical pain hitting me and never really relenting.  And the constant messages from other people, affirming in my own mind that I was worthless and useless.

When I was a teenager, I became angry all the time and uncontrollable.  I hated myself and I started to abuse my body and self-destruct.  From about 17 years old I was given antidepressants, and since then up until this year I had been on some form of psychiatric drug or therapy.  I had to spend time in a psychiatric hospital and was diagnosed with different illnesses over the years.

But under the surface, there was really one major underlying issue for me always there.  In my heart I wanted to help the world in some way.  I wanted the world to be a better place.  But I didn’t know HOW to do anything.  I didn’t believe that I could make a difference.  After all, ‘how can one person alone change the world’ I would think to myself repeatedly.  Re-affirming my belief that I was useless time and time again.  The lack of my ability to make any kind of difference (in my view at the time), just deepened my state of depression and hopelessness.  When you feel compassion so strongly for everyone and everything from the depths of your soul, it is crushing and painful that you think you can do nothing to help.  So instead I would curl up in a little ball each day and hide away in bed and cry.  But though many times I wanted or tried to give up, somewhere inside me my warrior spirit refused to give up.

So before this year I was filled with negativity and hopelessness.  A few years ago after I completed a new therapy, things started to change a little.  But it was not until finally this year I met a new friend and my teacher, and I began to finally piece together who I was.

On 1st July 2012 I bought an e-book (The Indigo Child's Survival Guide) co-written by a new friend I had found on facebook – this friend is your blogger, Mama Indigo.  At this point I did not even really know if I was an Indigo or not.  I didn’t even know what the word meant.  I purchased the book because it had been advertised on facebook and the video trailer drew me in.

I found Mama Indigo on facebook under her real name about a month before.  When I requested to be her friend I knew nothing about her or who she was.  I had joined a Lightworker group on facebook last year, and one day on reading through the posts I noticed her profile picture at the top of the page.  I don’t know what drew me to her, but without thinking I simply clicked ‘send friend request’.  This is not the sort of thing I would normally do but something seemed to tell me to do so.

When I started seeing Mama’s posts on my news feed I was inspired by the positivity and messages she was sending out.  Almost like a magnet I was drawn to read her posts – I connected with them on some level and felt a great understanding.  Soon after, the notices saying the e-book was out soon appeared and I was intrigued to see what it was about.  Finally the book was launched and I was able to purchase a copy.  There were a couple of hitches my end with my computer not being able to download the digital software to read it on my computer – but I was determined I wanted to read the book, so I figured a way around it.

I sat down to read the book as soon as I could, and I read it in one sitting.  And WOW – it seemed like a million thoughts and emotions surfaced as I read this book that was describing me.  I cried tears of relief and tears of joy as I finally seemed to realise where I fitted in.  I felt myself get excited, my whole body buzzing, as I ticked most of the questions at the beginning to see whether I was an Indigo.

As I read the section on synchronicity, I was in awe of the universe and how events and my life so far had led to that exact moment of reading that book.  I could literally write out a chain of all the major steps that had needed to happen to lead me to this guidebook.  I counted back through my life….my illness and struggles which had led me to therapy……the therapy I had which taught me mindful meditations and to live in the moment….which led on to me finding a Reiki book…..which led to a spiritual book as suggested at the end of the Reiki book…..which led to me finding out about Lightworkers….which led to me joining groups on facebook……and then finding Mama Indigo’s profile……

Whoa, deep breath!  I was amazed by how this synchronicity seemed to work.  I hungrily read through the rest of the book and was then desperate to be part of the Indigo groups.  Mama Indigo joined me in two groups and I was so keen.  I was apprehensive at first to speak my own words, so I just read the posts of others.  I was encouraged to find my own voice though.

My first response to someone’s post didn’t go to plan.  My words were taken not as I intended and I offended someone on my first comment.  The old feelings of being useless and not worthy resurfaced and my automatic thought was to leave the group.  I was horrified that I had hurt someone’s feelings.  But Mama being a wise teacher didn’t go and wave a wand and make things alright and sort the situation out for me.  She encouraged me to use my own voice and to learn from my mistake.  I apologised to this person and realised I needed to be careful what I said.  My enthusiasm and eagerness had allowed me to speak without pausing to reflect first.  So this was my first lesson in the groups I learnt.

Over the next few months I was active in the groups and learnt a lot from others.  I was invited into a closed group to really push forward in my learning.  Part of me was unsure but my instinct said ‘yes, do it’.  This new group really encouraged us all to speak with our own voice.  So learning from and sharing with other Indigo’s was amazing.  I felt like I had finally found a place where I truly belonged.  A place where I wasn’t judged for being different.   A place where we all had similar views.  A place which I felt was my family.  A place where I could learn and evolve.

The groups were invaluable daily support and guidance and inspiration.  But "The Indigo Child's Survival Guide" was still there for me when I was in my daily life.  My time in front of the computer screen in the facebook groups was a safe haven.  But there was still the real world of daily life out there to be lived.

Watch for Part 2 of Fran's Story in the next blog. 
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Energy Is Everywhere.. Breathe It In!

Sometimes we get so intrigued by the scenery we forget to notice the rock under our feet. We get so busy in our daily lives with work, kids, marriages, dating, bills, etc.. worrying about things that have yet to come. We often forget to slow down, be in the moment; appreciating what is right there in front of us.

Energy is everywhere! Shift your focus to a beautiful and positive view, centering yourself and your focus in the now. Today, I am sharing with you the Poet Knight's true story about paying attention to what is around you.
The Poet Knight's True Story...

I don't believe that we have just one “awakening.” I believe that awakenings come to us every day. Some are epiphanies, leaving us breathless; some pass unnoticed, a simple breath. I'm going to tell you about my epiphany in hopes that it might enable you to seek out and notice some of those “little” awakenings that are out there for the taking.


I'm a police officer and, as such, I work some pretty rough hours. Anyone who has found themselves working an overnight shift, struggling to keep your eyes open at 2 or 3 in the morning while your body and mind are screaming for sleep will know what I'm talking about. I was going through one such stretch and mentioned to Mama Indigo that I was having trouble staying awake and focusing. She mentioned something she called “Mindful Meditation.” “Focus on your surroundings,” she said, “just concentrate on everything around you.” Willing to try anything, I stopped and, from the passenger seat of my patrol car (I had a trainee driving), focused on some trees lining the roadway...


...and each individual tree, each individual leaf, every vein in those leaves jumped into stunning clarity. I could see the miracle of life contained in all of them. I could feel their energy running through me as if I'd been brought into their circuit. The visual impact alone was stunning; the internal sensory input overwhelmed me entirely. It fed my body, my mind, my soul, my Warrior Spirit.


I repeated this exercise several times over the following days. Every time I did it, the impact was there; familiar yet, somehow, new. I also noticed that, during this time, many other things snapped into place. I was able to read someone from nearly 2500 miles away, not only sensing which specific part of their back was bothering them, but even picking up on another injury, an old one that hadn't even been mentioned. Everything just MADE SENSE.


Go outside. Let the energy of an entire forest surround you as you stare at a single leaf. Let a breeze wash over you as you feel it caress every square inch of your skin. Pick out the voice of a single cricket in a chorus of insects. Become part of the world as you let the world become a part of you. Breathe it in.

 -Story written by The Poet Knight - Cop, poet, man.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Attitude And Perspective Makes All the Difference

Surrounded by negativity?

A lot of people have been coming to me saying, "Oh I just can't take this anymore. I've got so much negativity around me. I'm trying to block it out..." Are you one of them?.. Stop. Listen to yourself. You are complaining about people complaining. Really?!? How do you change it? It starts with your own attitude.

"But it's so hard..." Of course it is difficult. Anything worth doing is going to be a challenge. People tend to see the mirror before they see the person. Most will default to a negative view on things before they see what is true. You are absolutely, unequivocally capable of changing that default setting. And the more you apply a positive view on things, the easier it will become until eventually, it will be just as natural as breathing.

Where to begin... Do NOT allow others bring you down. No one can make you do anything. You always have Free Will. Ultimately, your thoughts, your emotions, your actions... are a result of a choice you made. Make it a positive choice. Your attitude and perspective makes all the difference.

So, you have blocked it out. What are you going to do now? You still have these people around you. May be it is the people you work with, those who live with you or just the general public when you leave your home for errands and such. How do you bring them up? Smiling is always a good start.

Every situation will be different, just as every person is different. Find the funny side of things. Laugh whenever possible. Be kind. Show compassion. You can make a difference. So simply, SMILE and *wink* with a little attitude tell yourself, "I got this."