Sunday, July 29, 2012

Break Your Pattern... Wake up Your Mind!

I watch people all the time get stuck in a routine. After a while, it catches up to them. Either boredom sets in or it's complete exhaustion. The boredom is the worst. Your mind begins to numb as you routinely go through your day. Let me ask you this.. When was the last time you broke your pattern? I know you have responsibilities that you must take care of, but I am talking about those little things. Those little moments that create your life.

Wake Up Your Mind!

The best way to wake your mind up is to break your pattern. What I mean is if you normally go out every evening, stay home for the night. If you normally watch movies, pick up a book and release your imagination. Go explore and learn something new.. or do something you haven't done in a very long time.

I recently took a chance and jumped on an opportunity, an invite to a small outdoor concert; not something I normally do. Not only did I make a new friend and thoroughly enjoy the high energy of dancing to The Bomb, a cover band with a Latin funk style, we ended up catching 2 other bands at 2 more locations. *Whew* what a night! I broke my pattern and did something I hadn't done in a very long time and I feel refreshed. =)

I invite you to break your own pattern. If you normally stay home, go out for the evening. If reading a book every night is your thing, change it up and watch a movie or play a game with friends. There are a number of possibilities that are available to you. The choice is yours if you are going to take the opportunities or let them slip by you. Consider this your *kick* to do something different and wake up your mind. ;)

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