Thursday, June 16, 2016

Language Shapes Your Reality

There so much truth in this statement and yet, the majority of the popular inspirational quotes, as well as self-help tips, books, and even the ancient religious 10 commandments, all have a negative connotation.

You may be gasping by now, at the very thought that I referred to inspiration and the 10 commandments to be negative. The choice of words used directs the focus and presents the vibes of the message. When you focus on what not to do, even though you are saying, "Don't," you are in fact, giving attention to the very act of what has been said not to do.

For those times you do feel the need to express a negative choice, it can still be presented in a positive way. A simple example: "Don't touch. Wet paint." Which of course, focuses on "touch" and let's be honest, how many people still go ahead and touch the paint? What could be said instead, "Careful. Wet paint." This informs the person of the wet paint and focuses on being careful.

Here are 3 popular, inspirational memes that have circulated the internet. The words are actually focusing on the negative, yet they are masked as positive. I have rewritten and recreated a new and positive version of each.


Many would find this inspirational, but do you see negativity? Our brains have been conditioned to speak this way. When you consciously choose your words, you can rewrite your attitude and your life.

Do you see the difference? Instead of focusing on what not to do, redirect your words and thoughts and focus on what To Do. 

How about another one?


This one is full of "don'ts" and "nevers" True, it is some good advice. What if this was written in a slightly more positive way?

Can you feel the difference in the vibes of the words? Which one compels you more? Which of these direct your mind to focus on the positive view point?

Do I need to explain this more, or do you understand how this works?

One more example...



This one is quite a popular prayer. But wait. Would you constantly tell someone they are bad or broken and need to be saved? This is narcissistic behavior. 

Encouragement and focusing on the good will bring out more good in yourself, as well as others.

Remember, the words you choose have the power to reshape your perspective and reality.

You can call this the Law of Attraction, or simply understand it is a basic language trick.
The words you choose to tell yourself, and the emotions attached to those words, becomes your perspective and belief about yourself.  Some more examples:

Instead of "Don't forget" use "Remember to"

Instead of "I don't like" use "I like"

Instead of "Don't worry" use "Believe or Trust"

Instead of "I can't" use "I am"

Instead of "I hate" use "I love"

Make a conscious effort to change your choice of words, directing your focus to the positive. Give your attention to what you desire and wish to manifest into your reality.

"Energy flows where attention goes."