Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Finding Your Center With Personal Time ~ Guest Writer, Faith Barker

With as busy as the world has become, many of us get caught up in the daily hustle. Our thoughts constantly shift around, attempting to keep track of responsibilities like work, chores, kids, social activities, etc. Sometimes, we get so far off center, unbalanced with our emotions and thoughts, that we lose track of what is important; taking care of ourselves. No matter how busy your life is, personal time is important to keep yourself centered, balanced, and even your sanity. 

There are many who choose conventional meditation to re-center themselves, spending a few minutes to an hour daily sitting silent and motionless. This does not work for everyone, and if you are one of them, know that you do have other options.

Below is Faith's story about how she found her personal time through Spinning Poi, an active form of meditation.

By Faith Barker
We all have that one passion in life, which we use to lift our spirits high and transform our souls. A children's novel series I still love to read called it 'Private Study Time'; after it, the angel trainees would come back glowing. Revitalized. It connected them to what was known as the Link - a divine chain of energy that comprised the Universe and all within it. When they connected to that Link, you were the very best you could be. 
For me, I found my 'Private Study Time' through a very dear friend of mine. Spinning poi comes from the Maori tribes of New Zealand, a performance art of a ball (fire, LED or simply rubber) at the end of a string. Gravity, geometry, balance and flow unite to create a stunning visual dance, where the ball is spun in patterns around the human body.
The minute I picked up my homemade sock poi (colourful knee-high socks and said rubber ball at the end), I was sold. Apart from the fact it's fun, I find it almost meditative when I practice. Moving this flying object through the air feels telekinetic.
The two most important things to remember is focus and balance. People far more advanced than I use fire, and if they lose their concentration, they have a flaming ball of fire hitting their face.
'Planes', in their simplest term, is the geometric path the ball will take. If your left and right sides don't coordinate in a perfect ratio, the ball will stray from its natural plane. When you clear your mind, still your nerves, ground yourself, and bring your body into that state of total unity, then the magic of flow is created. You can do anything and meet achievements you could only dream about before.
Not everyone will find their 'Private Study Time' in the flow arts. If you're curious and feel that calling, definitely experiment with it. My world opened up with a pair of socksand rubber balls. I found conventional meditation never balanced my system the way poi has, so this is what works best for me. Find your 'Private Study Time', because I guarantee, my angels, you will glow with the energy of the Universe.
Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect
By Faith Barker

There are many different ways to take some personal time, clear your mind, relax, and bring yourself back to center. Some choose to take some "Me" time with a pedicure. Others get into their zone playing a musical instrument, singing, drawing, or painting.

I, personally, get into the zone when I am digitally creating a picture with an inspirational quote. For 20 or 30 minutes, nothing crosses my mind except for the details of the work in front of me. It is very meditative for me to create in this way; and when I am done, I feel relaxed, centered, and accomplished.

There is no one-way to meditate. Mindfulness is being in that exact moment, clearing your mind of the past and future. You can make any activity, or non-activity a meditation. So remember, to take some "Me" time for yourself regularly. Find what you love, your passion, and use it to clear your mind, relax, center yourself, and be at peace.