Thursday, December 25, 2014

Through A Child's Eyes - A Poetic Lesson

(This is not my normal style of blogging, but I was inspired to write poetically.)

Through A Child’s Eyes
‘Twas the morning of Christmas
The neighborhood still
With sunshine casting shadows
The air had a chill
Bundled up in my jacket
With boots on my feet
I took my dog for a walk
A ways down my street
Something caught my attention
Not movement but sound
Kids were laughing and playing
The sight was astound
Now I know it is normal
To see kids outside
Playing with Christmas gifts
On streets they reside
What I witnessed was awesome
These kids didn’t mind
All races, age, and gender
Each one of a kind
They didn’t see a difference
With joy in their soul
As they all played together
With a common goal
Undivided they played
Laughter exploding
Each enjoying the moment
Nothing foreboding
It made my day to see this
Next generations
Bringing hope to the future
Bonding relations
Remember to look at life
Through a child’s eyes
For the things that matter most
It’s they who are wise

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Are Extra Curricular Activities Helping or Hurting Kids Today?

I often wonder if the extensive amount of homework and extra curricular activities enforced on kids today are actually reducing children's ability to learn, to grow with social skills, and inhibiting their ability to use their imagination.

During today's times, when a kid says he/she is bored, what do you parents do? Give them an iPad filled with apps? Make them study more? Sign them up for so many activities that it has you running ragged trying to get them to every one of them on time? What ever happened to simply "playing?" I mean real play; with no schedule, no class, no assignment, no computers, and little to no boundaries; just friends having fun with their imaginations.

Remember when you got together with your friends and just had fun using your imagination and coming up with things to keep you busy? Sure, sometimes you got into trouble; that is how we learn, through mistakes.

One of my friends recently posted this short story about his daughter's attempt to play with friends. **(Any and all names have been removed in respect for privacy.)

"Y'know when I was a kid, some of my best memories were getting out and being with my buddies...

Nowadays, this is what my daughter gets, doing the same thing as me back then, way too often:

Daughter goes off to house #1 with 2 kids in her proximate age bracket and rings the doorbell, door is answered by mom "Hi can <<2 kids>> come out and play?" Mom: "Not today hon, they've got homework and a gazillion extra curriculars to do."

Undeterred, daughter goes over to house #2 with 4 kids in her proximate age bracket, knocks on door, mom answers, same question, same response.

Daughter then comes whining home to me about how nobody wants to play with her. The best I can offer is to oblige her in a few kid activities myself.

So what's going on? Are kids so overrun with Girl Scouts, Band practice, extra classes, etc. that they just aren't allowed to "play" anymore? This disturbs me...or am I the parent in the wrong and I should be signing my daughter up for a million different things myself?

I'm not sure this is helping the kids either. Or my four buddies above came out relatively normal (they may dispute that in some comments below) as did I. I'll bet these similar sheltered kids have the same outlook as my daughter (I seriously doubt any Harvard Scholars are on my block, probably just more everyday folk when they're out of High School). *sigh*"
One of the comments in response to my friend's post: 
"I can't help but think that if kids today were able to get into a "little trouble" like we were when we were kids, then it would make them less likely to get into big trouble later on. Allowing kids to go out and play and get into a little trouble, IMO, gives them enough freedom that they don't feel stifled and react badly to more freedom (i.e., the potential of big trouble) later on"
Seriously, how do we truly learn about life? By living it. I have a couple hundred child students that I teach karate to every week, at various locations. I see and hear it all from the kids and their parents. I witness many of them rushing into the room, late for class each week. I see absences; they return to make up the missed class with "reasons" like the kid had a soccer game or a large amount of homework. And I see kids with black circles under their eyes because they are so busy with activities, they do not get the rest they need.

When I give them a moment to get creative and practice their choice of karate move, they falter into the routine of chatting disruptively when they have a brief moment of nothing. Most likely soaking in the chance to just talk with a friend. 

These kids are much smarter than most people give them credit for;  they just need to be given the opportunities to use their imagination and have fun!

I certainly am not saying that activities are not good for kids. I encourage you to get your kids involved with things. Give them and have them learn responsibility. But how much is too much? Do they get any time to just play with friends? You are most likely raising a little genius, if you give them the chance to express it with the freedom to make mistakes. Think about it.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Hard Truth and The Choice To Get Out Of Depression

It is horrible that the apparent suicide of Robin Williams and the various opinions about his passing had to be what inspired me to write this post. I found myself getting pulled in to the discussions. I would never speak up with my opinion about a topic I am unfamiliar with, as I do guide from my own experiences. I must say what bothered me most about any discussion I found myself in was that these people had the audacity to say, "You obviously have never been depressed."

Who are you to judge that this is something I have never experienced? How dare you assume that just because I live a very happy life (now) that I have no idea what it is like to be pulled down in to the depths of depression? How would you know what I have experienced and felt if you never asked me? Because guess what? I HAVE been there, several times.

I have been at the lowest of lows, at the point to where I had the rope hanging over the rafters, around my neck, and ready to jump. I have been in the garage with the car running and everything closed up. I have had the blade to my wrists. I have had the plastic bag over my head. I have been there many times and for one reason or another, something always came up that stopped me. So how dare you say that I have no idea what a depressed person is going through.

Honestly, I never said a word to anyone about my intentions. I hid my depression fairly well. Very few recognized my despair and did little to cheer me up. Most did not notice the subtle cries for help because they were too consumed by their own issues. I have never spoken of this, until now.

I am not sharing this with you for any sort of pity. That is the last thing a person who is depressed needs. I am sharing this with you so that you understand what does go through a person's mind and what they really need to hear from you.

Depression sucks. It hurts. It is lonely, no matter how many people surround you. To have someone tell you, "Cheer up," and then watch them be happy in their own life makes you even more angry and depressed. But at the same time, to have someone coddle you, cry with you, and tell you, "I know you are hurting. Life sucks," does even more damage. The pity, the focus on the negativity, and the "poor baby" mentality only serves to fuel the depression and allows the person to spiral deeper into the darkness. 

Suicide is a cowardly and selfish act.  I do understand that it is the choice to give up on life and what appears to be the easiest way out for someone in that low state of mind. It takes more courage to not do it and more strength to pull yourself out of that mentality. Depression itself is a state of mind that focuses on "Me. Me. Me." Redirect the focus. Redirect the attitude.

The last discussion I was in was with a person who disagreed with my opinion. The original post was "Come here and let me smack some positive sense into you." (Note that it was posted before the news of Robin Williams hit.) You absolutely can smack (metaphorically speaking) positive sense into someone. Not everyone can handle the hard truth, so a gentler way may be necessary. But they still need to hear the truth. It was exactly the type of thing I needed to hear when I finally made the choice to take the focus off of "poor me" and redirected my focus to helping others.

This person also stated that they hoped I never had to talk someone out of depression, or worse, a suicide. Well, I have with several people, unknowingly until later when they came back to me to thank me for being there, telling them like it is, and then admitting to me what they were about to do before I recognized their cry for help. Their gratitude is what keeps me going.

Many times over, someone has come to me to complain about their life. Not all are clinically depressed, and not all are considering suicide; however, if the negativity continues to spiral downward, it is a matter of time before they reach that point. I simply listen. Any suggestions I give are for that person alone and usually is exactly opposite of what they are thinking and what others have told them. At those times, I am unaware of this, I only suggest what my instincts tell me based on my own experiences.

What is the hard truth? That you have the choice to make your life what it is. You have the choice to go out there and do something different. Your own attitude and perspective will shape your day. You do not even have to be declared clinically depressed to have a bad day or a bad week. Everyone goes through difficult trials. The choice is if you allow it to break you, or if you choose to allow it to make you stronger.

The reasons behind someone's depression are different for each person. Some will seek help, some will not. If you or someone you know is in this state of mind, please open up. Say something. If you are dealing with depression begin by helping others to find their joy, and in turn you will find yours. Direct your attention to what you appreciate, what you have, and what you enjoy doing.

If you know someone who is showing signs of depression, pay attention. Listen to them and help them find their joy. Encourage them to do something different, step out of the comfort zone, and take control of their life.

It is a choice. The only way to come out of depression is to make the choice to do so and make the effort to continue to do so. No one can make that choice for you. Medications are only a band aid, attempting to balance out any chemical imbalance. Everything begins with a conscious thought; a choice. And if you are suffering from depression, you need to know that only you can make that choice. No excuses. You CAN do it. 

I will be honest with you, it will not be easy. In fact, it will be the hardest thing you ever do. I promise you though, when you decide to climb out of your path of self destruction, choose to better yourself in every way, choose to be a service to others with love, kindness, and compassion, it will get better.

Since I made the choice to appreciate what I had, made the effort to change my perspective by looking for the positive side of things, and dedicated my life to be of some sort of service to others, I found my life to be pretty good. Every day it gets better.

Even now as I write this, looking back on my life, I am grateful that I never completed those suicide attempts. I would be missing out on the amazing life I have now; and it is all because someone hit me hard with the truth and I made the choice to change it.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Really Matters Most in Life?

I was recently shown an article and video that stated that "good values" are more important than money (I agree), but also more important than love, happiness, and your feelings (I disagree). This article I am writing now is my perspective and understanding to what matters most in life.

What Matters Most in Life? 

I hope we can all agree that what matters most in life is most certainly not money. Yeah sure, money aids in getting you things in a monetary world; but money in itself is really nothing. Some of the happiest people have little to no money while some of the richest people are completely miserable, and vice versa.

To touch on the other concepts that I have mentioned above, are "good values" more important than love, happiness, and your feelings? First of all, it is impossible to have good values without some sense of love and happiness, and it is impossible to ignore your feelings when considering what are good values. What one person may consider being of good value, or morally good, may be contradictory to another person's idea of what is good; perspective is subjective.

Secondly, what you feel is part of (not limited to) love and happiness. The concepts are not separate from one another, but rather it is the same thing. Our verbal language often limits us from describing what we feel. So to say, "I feel like doing..." That is not an emotion; that is a physical extension of that emotion with a thought attachment and quite often a subjective desire to fill an emotional void. The "good values" we hold on to are there to guide us to find what is most important.

Having good values is important, but can cause a battle of emotions within you. Does this mean you should ignore the values and go with what you feel? No. Does this mean you have to sacrifice your own happiness to hold on to good values? No. Does this mean this mean you have to be nice and kind to people when internally you feel like giving them a piece of your mind or more? No, but if you feel like the latter over choosing kindness, then there is a deeper issue within you still need to resolve.

So, Good Values Are What Matters Most in Life?

As I have said, good values and morals are there to guide us. Guide us to what? There is something deeper, more important than anything else; something that everything else is merely an extension of. You could say it is love, but love is only one piece of the equation. You could say is is happiness, but that is only an extension of love. You could say it is what you feel (still another emotion with physical attachment). Are you scratching your head, yet? Wait for it, I will explain.

The Core Equation

I am coining this term "The Core Equation" to give you an understanding of what I am attempting to describe here. It is a trinity that makes up the core of your being; thought, emotion, and action -or- your mind, your spirit, and your physical body. Ancient symbols have been used to describe the relation for this trinity; such as the triskelion, the triquetra, and the trinity knot. Allow me to break the relationship down for you:
Thought (mind) — The mind has extraordinary abilities. It works consciously and subconsciously. We use our thoughts to learn new things, to remember the past, to make decisions for the future, to move through the present, and when we dream, the mind reveals our deeper thoughts. When we consider our values, we use thought to guide us. Our emotions can have a direct effect on the thoughts we have, however, we do have the ability to override what we feel and use our thought to redirect our choices.

Emotion (spirit) — There are only two true emotions: love and fear; all other emotions extend from these two. Happiness, joy, excitement, content, etc are extensions of love. Anger, hatred, frustration, worry, etc are extensions of fear. We are born with love; fear is learned. Humans are naturally compassionate. It is when we are introduced to our current world stimuli, we learn to judge and begin to fear what we do not understand. The more we fear, the further away we get from being who we truly are. Our natural state of being is love, and that love is expressed into the physical world through happiness, peacefulness, kindness and compassion. With this, to find your way back to the core of your being you must find the love within you.

Action (body) — The physical body is the vehicle we use to move through our life. Some of our actions are voluntary, some are involuntary. Our conscious thoughts become a physical action when we make a decision. Our emotions are expressed physically through actions. For instance, a tantrum is a physical response to anger and laughter is a physical response to joy. Without the physical body, the energy created by our thoughts and emotions would simply drift around the universe.

The True Self — The trinity between the three (mind-spirit-body) is the make up of our being. If any one of these pieces of the core equation is missing or does not match the other two, you are not being true to yourself. When these three work together in harmony, you are being the true self. When you match your thoughts, emotions, and actions, you will have connected to the core of your being; the authentic self.

The Core Equation Balance

Now, if you are thinking of harming someone, your emotions are full of hate (extension of fear), and you take action to cause harm, this is not being the true self. Yes, I did say all three work together, but if the emotion is an extension of fear you are expressing a learned behavior and have distanced yourself from who you really are. Most likely, that behavior is your own ego filling a void and has created an alternate form of fear in an attempt to justify what you feel.

If you feel like eating junk food, you take the action to do so. On the other hand, somewhere within you those good values are guiding you tell you what you are doing is not healthy for you. If you eat the junk food anyway, ignoring 1/3 of the self, you are not being the true you.

If you show kindness to someone, because those good values guided you to do so, but you feel some bitterness towards the person you are being kind to and your thoughts are wishing you chose to do something else, you are not being the true you.

If you are battling your feelings, you are not listening to your heart. You have somehow chosen to focus on a negative perspective and follow the learned behavior driven by fear.

Almost everything that is wrong with the world is that people are driven by a fear of what they do not understand with an ego desire to have control. What is wrong is people pretend to be something they are not, ignoring what they feel, and thinking about what they really want or worried about what they don't want. They have forgotten who they really are; a being born of love, who is meant to use the mind (both logically and creatively), and take action with passion.

If you are missing any one of the three variables of the equation, you will be off balance and your life becomes chaos. You must have all three pieces of the equation to find the balance.

What Really Matters Most in Life?

When you make the choice to use your mind to focus on positive perspectives, using those good values as a guide, to direct your emotions to the various extensions of love, and take actions that match what you think and feel, you will not only find yourself in a much more peaceful state of being, you will be driven by a passion that becomes an unstoppable force. You will discover a world that will open up for you in magical ways.
Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone found their true self, and lived a life with love, kindness and compassion? I know it is a long shot, but certainly not impossible. It begins with you. 

What really matters most in life is to be the true self;
everything else will fall into place.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Raising Healty Children ~ Guest Writer, Katrina Doxie

Children are amazing little creatures. If you want to understand the world, spend some time with a child; play with and listen to them. Their honest thoughts are intriguing and may teach you some things about yourself.  

Of course, children do need some guidance. Every generation is part of raising the next. What are we teaching children? What are we instilling into their precious little minds? Even if you are not a parent, I am sure at some point you have crossed paths with a child. You do have an influence with what they learn and how it affects them in who they become. Children are like little sponges, they soak up everything the hear, see, and feel; even when you think they are not paying attention, they are.

Today's guest writer, Katrina Doxie, shares with you her insights about raising healthy children. Healthy does not only mean physical health; mental and emotional health is also an important aspect, for everyone.

By Katrina Doxie

There are many things a parent will do for their child, but some refuse to let their children be themselves. Being a parent is about raising and loving the child you have, not the child you think you should have.

It’s knowing that their life is not meant to fit into the molds of your own. You must understand that who your child is, is exactly who he or she is supposed to be. If you are open-minded and self-less you may be lucky enough to have a child or children who are teachers who turn you into the person you’re supposed to be.

Don’t ever shame your child, or assume to them they will change their minds about who they are. You can’t make a child, or any person, act differently by making them feel worse. Shame is a horrific feeling for any of us, but especially a child who is not equipped with proper tools to deal with shame.

Be a parent who learns to radiate self-love and acceptance. This way you can teach your child the tools you learn along the way, and vaccinate them against low self-esteem and the shame and unworthy feelings that come with it. This isn’t about you. Your child should not have to change who they are to fit into your pre-conceived notions.

Whenever you’re faced with an issue that makes you wish to change your child, stop and examine if it’s something that would be better changed in you. After all, children learn what they live, and they have only always lived with you.

Who your child is should not be considered a distraction from something more important. Letting your child be who they are is the most important work you will ever do. Ensuring your child knows he or she is loved unconditionally, helping them deal with shame and guilt in a healthy way, should be your top priority.

More often than not when you punish your child you’re making them suffer for having a problem, which only adds shame. Focus more on solutions that will teach your children to be problem solvers. It’s not about retribution.

Your child’s behaviors, who they claim to be, none of it is meant to give you a hard time. Sometimes, your child is having a hard time feeling accepted, he or she is confused, stuck in shame, etc. During those moments the child is having a hard time your reaction to it determines how they handle future hard times.

Use those moments as teaching moments instead of thinking you need to punish the child further. They’re punishing themselves enough. Everything you say and do is important. The tone of your voice, even. Whether your words are short, angry, or calm. These things are noticed by your children and they will take them personal. Children see and learn everything we do and say; both the kind and unkind.

If you’re consistently looking for your child to misbehave, assuming they are giving you a hard time, etc. you are teaching them to feel ashamed. Learn to assume the best in those you say you love; especially your children. Praise them when they do good, and teach them how to make better choices when they’re not. Raise them so that when they look back you are a memory of fairness, integrity, and love. Don’t make excuses for your own behavior, while you persistently look for behaviors to punish in your child.

If you don’t want your child to grow up and condemn you for the memories they have of their child hood make sure you aren’t constantly criticizing them. If you don’t want them to grow up fighting don’t teach them hostility. If you don’t want your child to grow up being apprehensive of everything and everyone don’t make them live in fear.

Learn to be confident, so that you don’t teach your children to feel sorry for themselves. Don’t raise them to be shy and lack confidence because you can’t resist ridiculing them. Make sure you’re treating all your children fairly, so they aren’t raised to be jealous and insecure. And whatever you do never ever shame your child because he or she will only grow up to feel guilty for everything; even things that aren’t their fault.

Instead, encourage your child through tough times by not taking them personal, so your child can learn confidence. Become a tolerant, loving parent who can teach your child patience. Praise them for all the good things they do, so they can learn to appreciate themselves and others. Accept them for who they are, not who you want them to be, so they can learn to accept themselves and others. When you approve of your children they learn to approve of themselves, and we could all use more self-approval.

Recognize and reward your child’s accomplishments, so they learn hard work reaches goals. Share yourself, your experiences, your time with your child, so they learn generosity. Always be honest with children, so they learn the importance of truthfulness. When you are fair with your children you teach them justice. When you’re kind to your children you earn their respect. Make sure you’re doing all you can to make your children feel secure, so they can have faith in themselves and those around them.

Your child’s behavior is not about you. It is because of you. Whatever you put into them is what you will get out. That will never change. You can scream that beating them will earn respect all you want, but it never ever will. Why on earth would you want your child to respect you for being an asshole who instills fear? You didn’t like it when your own parents did that I am willing to bet. So why wouldn’t you make a different choice for your own children? Stop repeating cycles and create better ones.

Children will never do as you say. They are not listening to your advice, but watching your example. How can you believe it is fair to expect a child who is not fully developed to be capable of things you, as a full-grown adult, are not? Your children are going to be who you are, so become who you want them to be. There is no other way. This is the childhood they will remember, and you're going to run out of time.

There may be times you have to discipline your children, and there is nothing wrong with that. So long as the discipline is used to teach problem solving, and not because you’re angry and lashing out because you’re taking your child’s behavior personal when it isn’t.

You can be consistent and persistent in your discipline without being harsh. Every time you’re faced with an opportunity to teach your children don’t waste it teaching them how angry you can be. You are only going to teach them to mis-handle their own emotions and be angry, too. So if you are angry with your children I don't want hear your mouth when your children are throwing anger back at you. What do you expect? 

If your parents took all your behavior personal you should know better. It was just you being you and this is just your child being your child. It’s not about you. It's your job to make your child's a home a safe place. Not one where they are constantly shamed and live in fear and condemnation. You have such power of your childrens' lives. Don't use that power to ruin them. If your parents mis-used their power you are still responsible for how you use yours. You can't blame your parents for the choices you're making now. That just makes you a hypocrite who takes the easy way out. My guess is your children will grow up to be the same.

Written by: Katrina Doxie

Whether you are a parent, a relative, a teacher, or a friend, any interaction you have with a child will influence what they learn. To allow a child to express their personality by encouraging them to use their mind and be themselves, while guiding them by example with honesty, integrity, kindness, and love, is the greatest gift anyone can give them.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Life, Labels, and Law of Attraction

Have you ever wondered why you are here? You are here to learn and experience what it is to be human. Earth is like a school for the soul. We all come from the stars, planets, and possibly other dimensions. This is our soul energy, temporarily existing in a physical form. Some souls have been incarnated on earth through more life times than others. You are the universe experiencing itself from the perspective of the person you are in this moment; preparing you to be who you are meant to become. On that higher conscious universal level, we are all connected as one.

Starseed, Lightworker, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow... all labels to fit you into a box, to lead you to others with similar ideas and interests. They are all generally the same thing, just different levels of consciousness. The labels do not make you any less than or better than others.

Everyone is capable of being empathic, telepathic, psychic visions, etc. These are not special supernatural gifts. They are natural human abilities. Most have been convinced that it is not real or not possible, and they have forgotten.

Children today are growing up in a society that is more acceptable of these abilities, so these younger generations are less likely to forget them, and are actually able to fine tune these abilities.

Let go of the labels and simply be your true authentic self. To find your true self at the core of your soul, match your thoughts and emotions with your actions, expressed with love, kindness and compassion.

Encourage your children to be themselves. Encourage them to embrace their inner strengths and abilities. Encourage them (period). Not an easy thing to do in a society that tries to put everyone in a box. You, and everyone else, is far more capable of achieving things than you have been taught to believe. I encourage you to believe in yourself.

As far as manifesting things... this is Law of Attraction (LOA). You get what you focus on, what dominates your thoughts. LOA does not recoginze positives and negatives, only the main point of focus. This is also how karma works, along with prayer, the golden rule, and quantum physics; same concept, different labels.

Do you think your path is already written? You determine your destiny. Your whole life, with all of your experiences that you attracted to yourself to learn, is weaving together to create the destiny that you are focused on; your own set goals. Anything outside of your own consciousness is an extension of you; your own creation of your perception.

Everyone is manifesting their life. LOA is always active, this is a universal law. The energy frequency you send out  with your thoughts is what you attract back to you. The more you recognize this, understand this, and accept this, the better you are able to direct your thoughts.

Your main focus, your perspective and attitude will determine the direction your life's path will take. You have the ablility to change and choose the direction of your path. Your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplify it, and your actions increase the momentum. Everything is energy.

Change your thoughts and your perspective, and you will change your life. Not just the thoughts that go into your mind, but also what you allow to come out. Direct your focus to a more positive outlook, you will be amazed at what a difference it will make with your level of happiness. Attitude is a choice, your choice.

Make your life a living, thriving, moving masterpiece.
Live fiercely. Love passionately. Laugh frequently.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I was ready to give up and I was given a reminder...

I spend a lot of time guiding others. You could say it is my mission to encourage people to see a positive side and to realize that each of us is in control of our actions, our attitude and our perspective. I do this with my friends online as well as people I come in contact with face to face.

Lately, I have been receiving quite a backlash when I have attempted to raise others up. It was getting to the point that I wanted to just say, "F*** you, I am done." I did not say this, but I nearly said it to myself and had the urge to just walk-away from my mission. I have a personal life. I could easily and selfishly focus on my own happiness. But who would that help? Will it make a difference in this world today if I never attempted to share my knowledge or encouragment? No, it would not make a difference and that is exactly the problem.

I was reminded that there are still others who are willing to understand what it is I teach. If you do not already know this, my local job is teaching children karate. Along with learning how to defend themselves, the kids also learn how to control their bodies, their emotions, their actions and how to give and get respect. Occasionally, a parent asks me to talk to their child about their behavior outside of the karate class. Recently, a parent came to me in this regards.

One of my students had been blatently misbehaving at school, completely ignoring any instructions from his teacher and choosing to do his own thing. He and I sat down privately and had a little chat. He told me the details of recent events at school without putting the blame on anyone else but himself. He is very aware of what he did wrong.

I pointed out to him that obviously no one can MAKE him do anything, he did what he wanted. He agreed. So I asked him if he was a follower or a leader. "I am a leader," he replied.

ME: And as a leader, you have the ability to show others how to give respect and kindness. Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone did this?

HIM: There would be no jails. (And that was a clue for me to understand what else he is dealing with.)

ME: That is very possible... What can you do to change this behavior?

HIM: Stop hanging out with these kids. (I assume there is a certain group of "bad" kids he has been influenced by.)

ME: But if you are a leader, you can stop these other kids from doing something wrong or walk away from it, instead of doing the same thing with them. Do you understand?

HIM: *nods* I can help others to be good.

ME: Exactly. One by one we can each make a difference. It begins with you... Now, go join your class.

Thanks to the conversation I had with my student, I am reminded that although we may not be able to change everyone in the world, especially older generations that are sometimes set in their ways; there are younger generations that are learning from us. This was enough for me to want to keep going with my mission.

What are we teaching them? What kind of example are we living while these young impressionable minds are observing us? Is it honest? Is it kind? Our goal is to leave the world better than how we got it, for the sake of younger generations. And they will continue to do so for the next generation after them.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Using Empathic Abilities in Your Daily Life

A few months back I wrote a blog, "Empathy 101: A Basic Understanding of Feeling Others Emotions" describing what empathy is, how to recognize it and how to practice controlling it. It very quickly became my most popular blog article, and still is to this day. 

I wanted to elaborate a little more on the subject and explain how you can use empathy in your daily life. If you realize you have the empathic skills, which I believe everyone has the capability, then you can consciously help others and raise the vibes on the planet.

Group Meditations
The whole idea of sending out positive energy is why many people get involved in group meditations. It has been proven that when a group focuses and meditates with their hearts “cleansing” the world, there is a positive shift in the empathic atmosphere. 

Group meditations are a great way to shift the world’s energy. However, what you do after the meditative session will make a greater and longer lasting impact. Many people, who participate in a group meditation, go to church or other religious gatherings (which is also a form of group meditation), get in synch with the crowd, fill the space with love; and then return to their daily life patterns with a completely different attitude.

If you find yourself screaming at your kids or siblings, yelling angrily at a driver who cut you off, or even holding a grudge against your neighbor because their tree is over your fence line, then you will be counteracting any positive energy created during a “group meditation.”

Most often, when I go out into public, I make a mental effort to send out good vibes. I will walk around smiling, giggling and humming under my breath, as I feel my energies spread out. By the way, smiling, laughing, singing, and dancing are a few things you can do to raise your own vibes. You can help make a difference just by keeping your own positive energy up and help to raise others. 

Everything you do is energy. How are you affecting the world? Is it positive? Is it kind? Your attitude is YOUR CHOICE. You are in control of your thoughts, emotions and actions. What you think, say, feel and do in your everyday life is where you can truly make a difference.

Animals are naturally Empathic
Have you ever cuddled up with a dog or a cat? Have you ever felt down and your pet snuggled up with you? They feel our emotions, too. If you are paying attention, you will feel theirs. And if your connection is strong enough, you may even receive telepathic images in your mind from your pet or other animals.

Energies on Objects or Spaces
An imprint of energy is what remains long after a person has walked away or an event has taken place. Feeling an imprint of energy on an object by touching it or being in close proximity is called psychometry, in many ways, an extension of empathy. You may feel the energy of the owner of the object or possibly even layers of energy from others who have touched it. As your abilities and awareness grows, you may even “see” the history in your mind.

Sensing the imprint of energies in a space is also quite common. Have you ever walked into a room and felt strange? Almost as if you “know” what happened in that space recently. You can also create a light shield around these objects or space, transforming any negative energy to a positive.

Empathy over Distances
Empathic energies are not limited to great distances. In fact, energy can travel at any distance in only a moment’s time. With the rise of communications via phone calls, text messages and social networks over the internet, we have the ability to connect with people around the world. This connection gives us optimal ways to understand others on so many levels. Have you heard of the phrase, “Reading between the lines”? This is true in a very literal sense. Not only can you hear or read a person’s words, you can feel the energy behind their words.

Reading words or listening to a voice speak is one way to connect empathically. It is very possible to connect with someone at an emotional or physical level, even from across the planet. To do this, focus on the person and pay attention to what you feel.

Several times, I have connected empathically with friends while chatting with them over the internet. When one friend had a broken leg, I was able to feel and determine which leg she had broken. Another friend did not say anything to anyone, but I sensed something was wrong. I “tapped” into her and felt some pain in my ribs on the left side. I then messaged her asking if she broke a rib recently. This friend was in complete shock with my accuracy and repeatedly asked me how I knew. I had said that I felt her; she did not believe me and equated my accuracy to random chance.

Most people will not believe that this is possible. Many will deny it. You do not need their belief so long as you believe it can be done. If your idea of having certain abilities is to show off to others, you are missing the point.

You have the ability to truly understand and help others; to truly make a positive difference in the world. To selflessly make a positive difference in someone’s life, is the most amazing gift you can give of yourself.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Supernatural Or Natural?... Guest Writer, The Poet Knight

Many of you reading this consider yourself an Indigo, or you know someone that is Indigo (or Crystal, Rainbow, Starseed, Lightworker, etc)... Just a label; humans like labels. It is the label that brings you to others with similar ideas and beliefs. No one is less than or better than others. Everyone has the capability of connecting with the higher self, so long as they are paying attention. 

Today's guest writer, The Poet Knight, shares with you his explanation of what it means to be Indigo.

By: The Poet Knight
What I am about to say may run counter to what many have been told to believe (or would like to believe). Please read it through and you’ll understand from whence I come.

We, as Indigos, do NOT have special powers. Yeah, I said it. You don’t have special powers.


Some people were born with ability to run like the wind. Their physiology is such that, with no special training, they can set land speed records at will. Some are born with the strength of ten men. They grow up and, without spending a minute in the gym, can lift a Buick over their head. Some are born with astounding intelligence. They can do long division in their heads at the age of four and instinctually understand concepts that most couldn’t grasp with any amount of schooling. We were born with a highly-developed intuition.

That’s it. That’s all.

We all, as humans, get “hunches” or “gut feelings” from time to time, and they turn out to be right a disproportionate amount of the time. We, as Indigos, are more finally tuned to these feelings; we know them more readily when they strike and some of us can read them as we could a printed page in front of our eyes. It takes subtly different forms for each of us, but, in an attempt to put too fine a point on it, that is what it is.

As those who read the last blog that Mama Indigo was kind enough to publish will know, I am a police officer. I set out on this path long before I knew anything of Indigos, let alone knowing I was one, but early on in my career I noticed things. While walking foot patrol, I would pick up on things and notice tones of voice and patterns of movements. These things would jump out at me no matter how much was going on in the background. A bar owner in the area I patrolled commented to me that he and other business owners liked me because, as he put it, “when something happens, it’s like you come out of the wall and right into the middle of it.” Now, with years of experience under my belt and a better understanding of my abilities, I will sometimes picture a specific place in my mind and go there, only to find myself in the middle of a fight or some other criminal activity.

I’m not a wizard, not a warlock, not an alien being. I’m just a cop who’s in tune with his gut, who knows the energy of the city he protects, and who senses things others might not. And so it is with you in the path you’ve chosen in your own life.

Why do I feel this is important? If we, as Indigos, are going to serve human kind, to make this world a better place for human kind, we must not alienate or separate ourselves from human kind. We must do it from within, not from without. If you wish to serve humanity, the best way to do it is by being human.

Whether you have gut feelings (intuition), psychic visions, empathic senses, aura reading, telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection, clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, channeling, remote viewing, or many other "supernatural" abilities, remember that these are NOT supernatural. Nor do these abilities work separately. The abilities are a natural part of you.
Trust your senses, let go of the labels and be your true authentic self, in ALL aspects of your life. Own up to your responsibilities and develop your character with integrity. Be love with kindness and compassion for all beings. Hold an attitude of gratitude and you will discover and walk YOUR path.

You are a unique piece of the universal consciousness.
Your authenticity is appreciated.