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Should Everyone Become a Vegetarian or Vegan?.. Guest Writer, Črt Milatovič

Many people have assumed that I am living a vegetarian lifestyle because of my spiritual beliefs, love for animals and just basic assumptions. Truth is, I tried a vegetarian diet for a year for my own personal reasons. In that year, my total body weight had dropped to a very unhealthy level for my age and the amount of physical activity I put out daily. I could not consume enough calories, proteins and minerals to keep up with my metabolism; my body requires meats.

Since then, I have learned to trust my cravings; the body knows what it needs. I do my best to avoid frozen, processed, canned and fast foods. My diet varies but kept as fresh as possible. Now, many of you may argue that eating meats is just wrong. And when others have said this, I would think, "Tell that to the Eskimos or the Native Americans." We are all made differently, with different needs.

I have asked my friend, fellow Indigo and chef, Črt Milatovič, to be a guest writer and share with you his thoughts about eating meats and a vegetarian or vegan diet. Here is his story:

In course of my life, I have been approached by many people. Vegetarians, vegans and all sorts. Of course for me, they were "preaching" to me that I should stop eating meat, that is the way and so on. But I took this knowledge, analyze it as I do with everything and see for what I had to know. In high school I was learning to become a chef. I learned how whole food industry works, I had practice lessons in various hotels and restaurants and see how everything works in the nutshell. What brought me to this point which is now.

We live in a times where people are becoming more and more vegetarian and vegan. But why is that? And why do talk so much about not eating meat? It is an interesting subject for me. I don't eat as much meat as I used to. Not because what I have been told but simply because I am listening to my intuition and my body. Vegetarian/vegan lifestyle is all fine, but we have to see that not everyone's person is wired the same as we do. Some people choose it because of the animal farming and slaughter houses. Some people are disgusted by meat. Others can't go on just vegetarian/vegan diet because of ther body is not meant to be like that. But here is the other side of the coin most people don't see it. 

Animals are far more intelligent and aware than human beings. The animals accompany us on this wonderful journey we are experiencing. And all these animals actually have a free will and choose and allow to be slaughtered. It is experience they are going trough in this life they are experiencing right now. Some won't agree or understand, but that is alright.

As same as animals, all the plants and vegetables and fruits are here alive. Yes you heard me, them too. So they too have feelings. They also sense us. And they too choose to be eaten. Now many people would say that scientifically it is proven otherwise. Perhaps, but here is lot of things that normal science can't prove. 

Everything on this planet is alive, from the human being, animal, plant, a crystal, grain of sand or just bare earth. We are all on this planet having together an experience. So next time you having a meal, just remember to be thankful for the food you eat, may it be just vegetables, fruit or meat and have a wonderful experience.

Guest Writer

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