Friday, August 14, 2015

So, You Have Discovered You Are An Empath... Now, What Do You Do With It?

The heart sends out an electromagnetic field of energy. Those who have the ability to actively sense this energy have accepted the label, "Empath." The truth is, everyone is empathic. Everyone feels what others are feeling and in turn, their own emotions have an impact on others around them.

The "gift" is being aware of what you are feeling and what belongs to someone else. Mastering this ability comes when you are able to acknowledge, manage and work through your own feelings; the love, the fear, the joy, and the pain.

Quite often, I read posts and comments from others with empathic abilities; most often complaining about what they feel from others and  requesting ways to shut it out. As well as the numerous articles found on the internet for empaths about how to protect themselves from negative energy or how to block and shield that energy.

Albeit, the suggestions do work, I am actually disappointed that the suggested solutions are how to block and protect oneself. How often do you read something about empathic abilities that suggest how to use the ability to feel others in ways that can help the people around you? I mean, you have discovered you have this amazing ability to sense what others are feeling; that gives you the ability to make a positive difference in the world.

If you can feel others, then on some level, they can feel you, even if they are unaware. If you can receive energies, then you can also send it out. When you are empathically aware, you are able to gift the world with love and healing. Your awareness gives you the ability to impact the world.

"My Love and I were have breakfast at this awesome joint in town, when suddenly I felt this empathic push from the booth behind me. This woman was droning on, complaining and gossiping. Eww, the energy was almost sickening.
Instead of just shutting her out, I kicked off my flip flops, stretched my legs out to put my bare feet on my partner's naked legs across from me under the table (when I touch him, it's like an energy boost), and used the extra power to send out good vibes to the whole room.
After breakfast, I was standing outside the breakfast place when the same woman exited with the guy she was sitting with. She was still bitching, "...and I hate that more than anything." she said. I witnessed the man drift away from her, putting distance between them. He probably was unaware of his actions, but it was obvious to an observer."

You can give people a boost of energy, what they do with it is still their choice. Opposing energies will either transform to one or the other, or will repel in opposite directions. I may not have shifted the woman's energy, but I used my abilities and awareness to keep the vibes up for those around her.

Can you imagine what it would be like if more and more people raised the vibes? It begins with you. 

Acknowledge your own emotions, manage yourself, take on what you feel from others, transform it, and send it back out with love. You can do this consciously through thought. You can propel it with physical actions of kindness and compassion.

Be the change and make a positive impact
on others around you. 


  1. ANY suggestions on how to teach a teen to do this? His empathy is causing anxiety in him. Working on grounding and meditation so far.

  2. ANY suggestions on how to teach a teen to do this? His empathy is causing anxiety in him. Working on grounding and meditation so far.

    1. First, he must own his emotions. Then he will be able to discern which emotions are his, and which belong to someone else. There are also exercises to practice sensing in this article:

  3. really feel empathy for people when at medical offices

    1. That is one place where positive healing vibes are truly needed. Send out healing, but never "take" an illness or pain away from someone. That is their lesson and karma they have to work through. You CAN give them a boost of energy to help.