Thursday, December 25, 2014

Through A Child's Eyes - A Poetic Lesson

(This is not my normal style of blogging, but I was inspired to write poetically.)

Through A Child’s Eyes
‘Twas the morning of Christmas
The neighborhood still
With sunshine casting shadows
The air had a chill
Bundled up in my jacket
With boots on my feet
I took my dog for a walk
A ways down my street
Something caught my attention
Not movement but sound
Kids were laughing and playing
The sight was astound
Now I know it is normal
To see kids outside
Playing with Christmas gifts
On streets they reside
What I witnessed was awesome
These kids didn’t mind
All races, age, and gender
Each one of a kind
They didn’t see a difference
With joy in their soul
As they all played together
With a common goal
Undivided they played
Laughter exploding
Each enjoying the moment
Nothing foreboding
It made my day to see this
Next generations
Bringing hope to the future
Bonding relations
Remember to look at life
Through a child’s eyes
For the things that matter most
It’s they who are wise