Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What Really Matters Most in Life?

I was recently shown an article and video that stated that "good values" are more important than money (I agree), but also more important than love, happiness, and your feelings (I disagree). This article I am writing now is my perspective and understanding to what matters most in life.

What Matters Most in Life? 

I hope we can all agree that what matters most in life is most certainly not money. Yeah sure, money aids in getting you things in a monetary world; but money in itself is really nothing. Some of the happiest people have little to no money while some of the richest people are completely miserable, and vice versa.

To touch on the other concepts that I have mentioned above, are "good values" more important than love, happiness, and your feelings? First of all, it is impossible to have good values without some sense of love and happiness, and it is impossible to ignore your feelings when considering what are good values. What one person may consider being of good value, or morally good, may be contradictory to another person's idea of what is good; perspective is subjective.

Secondly, what you feel is part of (not limited to) love and happiness. The concepts are not separate from one another, but rather it is the same thing. Our verbal language often limits us from describing what we feel. So to say, "I feel like doing..." That is not an emotion; that is a physical extension of that emotion with a thought attachment and quite often a subjective desire to fill an emotional void. The "good values" we hold on to are there to guide us to find what is most important.

Having good values is important, but can cause a battle of emotions within you. Does this mean you should ignore the values and go with what you feel? No. Does this mean you have to sacrifice your own happiness to hold on to good values? No. Does this mean this mean you have to be nice and kind to people when internally you feel like giving them a piece of your mind or more? No, but if you feel like the latter over choosing kindness, then there is a deeper issue within you still need to resolve.

So, Good Values Are What Matters Most in Life?

As I have said, good values and morals are there to guide us. Guide us to what? There is something deeper, more important than anything else; something that everything else is merely an extension of. You could say it is love, but love is only one piece of the equation. You could say is is happiness, but that is only an extension of love. You could say it is what you feel (still another emotion with physical attachment). Are you scratching your head, yet? Wait for it, I will explain.

The Core Equation

I am coining this term "The Core Equation" to give you an understanding of what I am attempting to describe here. It is a trinity that makes up the core of your being; thought, emotion, and action -or- your mind, your spirit, and your physical body. Ancient symbols have been used to describe the relation for this trinity; such as the triskelion, the triquetra, and the trinity knot. Allow me to break the relationship down for you:
Thought (mind) — The mind has extraordinary abilities. It works consciously and subconsciously. We use our thoughts to learn new things, to remember the past, to make decisions for the future, to move through the present, and when we dream, the mind reveals our deeper thoughts. When we consider our values, we use thought to guide us. Our emotions can have a direct effect on the thoughts we have, however, we do have the ability to override what we feel and use our thought to redirect our choices.

Emotion (spirit) — There are only two true emotions: love and fear; all other emotions extend from these two. Happiness, joy, excitement, content, etc are extensions of love. Anger, hatred, frustration, worry, etc are extensions of fear. We are born with love; fear is learned. Humans are naturally compassionate. It is when we are introduced to our current world stimuli, we learn to judge and begin to fear what we do not understand. The more we fear, the further away we get from being who we truly are. Our natural state of being is love, and that love is expressed into the physical world through happiness, peacefulness, kindness and compassion. With this, to find your way back to the core of your being you must find the love within you.

Action (body) — The physical body is the vehicle we use to move through our life. Some of our actions are voluntary, some are involuntary. Our conscious thoughts become a physical action when we make a decision. Our emotions are expressed physically through actions. For instance, a tantrum is a physical response to anger and laughter is a physical response to joy. Without the physical body, the energy created by our thoughts and emotions would simply drift around the universe.

The True Self — The trinity between the three (mind-spirit-body) is the make up of our being. If any one of these pieces of the core equation is missing or does not match the other two, you are not being true to yourself. When these three work together in harmony, you are being the true self. When you match your thoughts, emotions, and actions, you will have connected to the core of your being; the authentic self.

The Core Equation Balance

Now, if you are thinking of harming someone, your emotions are full of hate (extension of fear), and you take action to cause harm, this is not being the true self. Yes, I did say all three work together, but if the emotion is an extension of fear you are expressing a learned behavior and have distanced yourself from who you really are. Most likely, that behavior is your own ego filling a void and has created an alternate form of fear in an attempt to justify what you feel.

If you feel like eating junk food, you take the action to do so. On the other hand, somewhere within you those good values are guiding you tell you what you are doing is not healthy for you. If you eat the junk food anyway, ignoring 1/3 of the self, you are not being the true you.

If you show kindness to someone, because those good values guided you to do so, but you feel some bitterness towards the person you are being kind to and your thoughts are wishing you chose to do something else, you are not being the true you.

If you are battling your feelings, you are not listening to your heart. You have somehow chosen to focus on a negative perspective and follow the learned behavior driven by fear.

Almost everything that is wrong with the world is that people are driven by a fear of what they do not understand with an ego desire to have control. What is wrong is people pretend to be something they are not, ignoring what they feel, and thinking about what they really want or worried about what they don't want. They have forgotten who they really are; a being born of love, who is meant to use the mind (both logically and creatively), and take action with passion.

If you are missing any one of the three variables of the equation, you will be off balance and your life becomes chaos. You must have all three pieces of the equation to find the balance.

What Really Matters Most in Life?

When you make the choice to use your mind to focus on positive perspectives, using those good values as a guide, to direct your emotions to the various extensions of love, and take actions that match what you think and feel, you will not only find yourself in a much more peaceful state of being, you will be driven by a passion that becomes an unstoppable force. You will discover a world that will open up for you in magical ways.
Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone found their true self, and lived a life with love, kindness and compassion? I know it is a long shot, but certainly not impossible. It begins with you. 

What really matters most in life is to be the true self;
everything else will fall into place.

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