Sunday, February 16, 2014

Using Empathic Abilities in Your Daily Life

A few months back I wrote a blog, "Empathy 101: A Basic Understanding of Feeling Others Emotions" describing what empathy is, how to recognize it and how to practice controlling it. It very quickly became my most popular blog article, and still is to this day. 

I wanted to elaborate a little more on the subject and explain how you can use empathy in your daily life. If you realize you have the empathic skills, which I believe everyone has the capability, then you can consciously help others and raise the vibes on the planet.

Group Meditations
The whole idea of sending out positive energy is why many people get involved in group meditations. It has been proven that when a group focuses and meditates with their hearts “cleansing” the world, there is a positive shift in the empathic atmosphere. 

Group meditations are a great way to shift the world’s energy. However, what you do after the meditative session will make a greater and longer lasting impact. Many people, who participate in a group meditation, go to church or other religious gatherings (which is also a form of group meditation), get in synch with the crowd, fill the space with love; and then return to their daily life patterns with a completely different attitude.

If you find yourself screaming at your kids or siblings, yelling angrily at a driver who cut you off, or even holding a grudge against your neighbor because their tree is over your fence line, then you will be counteracting any positive energy created during a “group meditation.”

Most often, when I go out into public, I make a mental effort to send out good vibes. I will walk around smiling, giggling and humming under my breath, as I feel my energies spread out. By the way, smiling, laughing, singing, and dancing are a few things you can do to raise your own vibes. You can help make a difference just by keeping your own positive energy up and help to raise others. 

Everything you do is energy. How are you affecting the world? Is it positive? Is it kind? Your attitude is YOUR CHOICE. You are in control of your thoughts, emotions and actions. What you think, say, feel and do in your everyday life is where you can truly make a difference.

Animals are naturally Empathic
Have you ever cuddled up with a dog or a cat? Have you ever felt down and your pet snuggled up with you? They feel our emotions, too. If you are paying attention, you will feel theirs. And if your connection is strong enough, you may even receive telepathic images in your mind from your pet or other animals.

Energies on Objects or Spaces
An imprint of energy is what remains long after a person has walked away or an event has taken place. Feeling an imprint of energy on an object by touching it or being in close proximity is called psychometry, in many ways, an extension of empathy. You may feel the energy of the owner of the object or possibly even layers of energy from others who have touched it. As your abilities and awareness grows, you may even “see” the history in your mind.

Sensing the imprint of energies in a space is also quite common. Have you ever walked into a room and felt strange? Almost as if you “know” what happened in that space recently. You can also create a light shield around these objects or space, transforming any negative energy to a positive.

Empathy over Distances
Empathic energies are not limited to great distances. In fact, energy can travel at any distance in only a moment’s time. With the rise of communications via phone calls, text messages and social networks over the internet, we have the ability to connect with people around the world. This connection gives us optimal ways to understand others on so many levels. Have you heard of the phrase, “Reading between the lines”? This is true in a very literal sense. Not only can you hear or read a person’s words, you can feel the energy behind their words.

Reading words or listening to a voice speak is one way to connect empathically. It is very possible to connect with someone at an emotional or physical level, even from across the planet. To do this, focus on the person and pay attention to what you feel.

Several times, I have connected empathically with friends while chatting with them over the internet. When one friend had a broken leg, I was able to feel and determine which leg she had broken. Another friend did not say anything to anyone, but I sensed something was wrong. I “tapped” into her and felt some pain in my ribs on the left side. I then messaged her asking if she broke a rib recently. This friend was in complete shock with my accuracy and repeatedly asked me how I knew. I had said that I felt her; she did not believe me and equated my accuracy to random chance.

Most people will not believe that this is possible. Many will deny it. You do not need their belief so long as you believe it can be done. If your idea of having certain abilities is to show off to others, you are missing the point.

You have the ability to truly understand and help others; to truly make a positive difference in the world. To selflessly make a positive difference in someone’s life, is the most amazing gift you can give of yourself.

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  1. Really liked this I have been doing many of these things for quite some time! Namaste

  2. Dear Mama Indigo. I recently learnt that I might be an indigo. I met this guy in 2012 when I was helping my siblings find a new school. At first it was like he wanted to ask me out but he'd just call and ask how I was doing. I lost my phone for a while and I didn't have his numbers anymore and I didn't remember him that much but what was interesting is he never lost my numbers. He'd occasionally call and it freaked me out so June this year I decided to reinstall WhatsApp since i had bought a new phone. Bam! There he was, greeting me then he told me my life is meant to change and is supposed to be on another level. He said he felt an energy in me and I laughed him off coz I thought he meant he wanted us to date. He said he had a gift inherited from his grandmother and I was like "thats good" and didn't take him seriously until I looked up why am I always so empathetic, depressed and insubordinate - I found to be having almost all characteristics of an Indigo child so I messaged him asking about it and he said "I knew all along, I just didn't want to force into anything. See when I first met you, I was told to help you but you didn't really listen to me so I just cut off that session". Im still trying to digest this. I am scared. What if Im wrong? What if it is just a coincidence? I don't know if I should meet up with this guy. Please help

    1. Hello, Lusanda... I apologize for not seeing this earlier. There are no coincidences. Things happen for a reason, sometimes to redirect you. It is possible this guy's purpose to help you was to spark your interest. Look what happened when he did. You found this blog for one. Trust your instincts; if it makes sense for you, keep going. If it does not, let it go and move on.

  3. hello, I was looking for a post like this I think. my neighbors dogs have barked and grolled excessively at me and our 2 milder dogs. they have large german shepards. one of their 1 year old dogs kept coming into our yard under the fence and she wanted to befriend our lab. she still growled at me alot but sometimes less. one day all the german shepards were especially agressive and I got really mad and yelled at them and threated them with the shovel. later I felt bad and thought I over did it and so I talked to my neighbor and apologized. I'm worried about what affect this will have on my neighbor or others and is it possible to do something to reverse this and help others?

    1. You can not undo what has been done. What you can do is change your own attitude about this. Animals are very tuned in to what people are feeling. Your aggression towards them increased their behavior towards you. Smile at them, speak in a loving soft tone, and consciously send out the love. You can do this with people, too.

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