Friday, October 4, 2013

Tradition: Is There Another Way? ~ Guest Writer, Adrienne Williamson

Quite often, we find ourselves stuck in a routine; we feel obligated to follow traditions and stay within the box. Whether it be through culture, religion, industrial, scholastic or family we are defined by what we have been taught to follow or believe. It is absolutely ok to get out of the box. In fact, I highly recommend it.
My friend, Adrienne recently posted about this in her status. I felt she explained it well and I asked her permission to share it with all of you in this blog.
By: Adrienne Williamson, Artist and Owner of Dreamin Bohemian
Memorizing "facts", staying inside the box and following traditions are all well and good as they give order to one's life and a kind of security of sorts....but watch out for the time when those very same things eventually become oppressive. The "facts" are changing all the time. The "facts" vary depending on ones' perspective. When your life begins to not work any longer....keeping with tradition and following someone else's rules are like beating your head against the wall.

We all need to take responsibility for our own LIVES, our own HEALTH, our own well being, and think outside of the box when something isn't working. Just because a big group of "authoritative" people say something is bad for you, so only do this...and that "this" benefits them-- MAYBE there is another answer out there.

I know, for a fact, that there is NEVER ONLY one way to do something.

I used to think that I needed THE perfect art supplies or I could not create whatever it was that I wanted to create. My mom once told me, an artist will paint on whatever they have, if they are an artist. An artist will create. And Creating has nothing to do with staying inside a box. I worked in a rug weaving studio once for a year or so, and there, she only used ONE kind of yarn on a specific brand of loom. I was only 20, and I thought, that that must be what I needed to have in order to weave. Then I worked for another weaving studio that would mix all different yarns together to get what he needed to create a very similar item as the previous studio.
That was a light bulb moment.

If the same is true for art....then the same is true for all aspects of life. As art imitates life.

I get so saddened by seeing posts of people who are stuck. Stuck with everything from an attitude about the government, or medicine, or healthcare, or their body, or their kids...even their allergies, or the way they fix their their life. We aren't supposed to live a miserable life. We are supposed to embrace life and live and learn. THERE are OTHER WAYS TO LIVE.

Color outside the lines, think for yourself. If you are not happy, change. Take control of your life and make it what you need it to be to find your peace.

Expand your mind. Try new things.
Get out of the box, get out of your comfort zone, break your routine and dare to think and create something new.  

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