Saturday, August 31, 2013

This Message Is Brought To You By... ???

I am deeply disturbed by how many people have fallen prey to channeled messages. Any "channeled" message that does not empower you to take control of your own life, your own thoughts is a false message. And this does not necessarily mean messages that have been channeled by a spirit or alien being.

I am talking about ALL messages and quotes, through out history that have supposedly given its followers something to look forward to. Honestly, do you really believe you are here to just be a pawn? Is your soul purpose to follow along with everything, not think and be a sheep? Or are you here to learn the value of the human experience and take control of your own thoughts?

Organized religions of all times and in all regions have been guilty of this since... forever. Before you discredit this, consider the concept. Ancient societies did not understand the world the way we do now. Religions were "invented" to explain what could not be explained and to keep control of the population. Fear-based beliefs are an easy way to get people to submit.

The rise of "New Age" philosophies forced those who attempt to control the general population to come up with a new way to control the masses. The beliefs of alien beings, the Illuminati and conspiracy theories provided the opening.

Most commonly used is a mind-numbing trance tactic. Whether it is through videos or in person, your physical senses are enticed. The site sense is mesmerized with pretty pictures of scenery, graphic art, stained glass windows, laser lights, etc. The sound sense is stimulated with harmonic music. In person, especially in group settings, music may include singing along. Harmonious sing-a longs work by getting everyone in synch with each other.

In person, other physical senses may be put into play. Fragrances stimulate the smell sense; scented candles, incense, and perfumes have been used. The touch sense is simple with comfortable seating, sometimes with soft materials. The taste sense is the least used but not unknown. Remember communion? Wine or grape juices? Just saying.

These tactics are used to get you all cozy and comfortable, feeling calm and ready to listen and absorb anything that is said. I am not saying that every message is wrong. What I am saying is if the message is repeatedly using words and phrases like, do not fear... do not worry... (He/I/We) will save you... must destroy... the message is false. Even by using the word, "not" these are negative words and programs the mind to consider these negative ideas.

This was best said by Cameron Day:

"In the future, when you read a message that tells you that there is no need to take action, no need to delve deeper into accessing and embodying your true self, that your inner work is done and you only have to wait for blessings to be bestowed upon you from an outside, higher authority, my hope is that you will not choose to believe this type of disempowering manipulation.
I hope that you will instead reclaim all energy that you had previously put into those false, yet somewhat comforting belief systems and instead choose the path of the Initiate, recognizing that YOUR truth comes from deep inside of you where your Higher Self resides.  I hope that you will disengage from false prophets who try to convince you that you need to be aligned with an external group in order to ascend to the next level."

If it encourages you to tap in to your own innate inner power, provides a positive and thought provoking outlook and/or stimulates you to take action with the intent of love, then it it a good message. If it does not, move on.
Use your own mind and think! Know that YOU are in control of you. LOVE. Give love. Think love. Be love. No labels. No judgement. Just kindness and compassion. LOVE.

When I say, "Live. Love. Laugh." That is literal. You think, so you live. You have feelings, so you love. You have a physical body, so use it to laugh. (thought-emotion-action) Mind-soul-body.

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