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II- "When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 2 of 6)

I asked Fran to share her story... "Hi everyone, my name is Fran (StarSoulWhisperer), and this is the story of how a book, a teacher and a little bit of laughter changed my life, and helped me to find out who I really am..."

Fran's Story, Part 2 of 6…

I would spend hours in the evenings on my own figuring things out.  Now I knew who I was, what was I going to do with this knowledge?  What were my next steps?  What did I want to achieve?  The Indigo Child’s Survival Guide provided me guidance on every aspect of my life that I needed.  From learning how to ground and balance myself, meditation, learning about manifestation and the Law of Attraction.  Finding my life’s passions.  How to recognise signs from Angels, Guides, messengers.  Learning about the psychic gifts Indigo’s have.  And energy healing for myself and others.

As I read the section on manifesting desires, the Law of Attraction and thoughts carrying energy, I was surprised to note back times when I had attracted things to me without even realising I was doing so.  One time when I was really short of money and had some bills to pay, I didn’t start worrying; I just believed something would happen that would sort it out.  Sometimes my family would call me na├»ve or say that I was burying my head in the sand by not worrying about the money situation.  I didn’t know about manifestation and the Law of attraction at that time, but I have always had belief that things will sort themselves out in the end.  I had no idea where this belief came from, but I really assumed it would be alright.  The next day through the post I got a cheque for a few hundred pounds of tax back that I had overpaid.  That easily sorted out the bills I owed.  But I also learnt that manifestation also required action on my part.  I too had to work at what I wanted and not just wait for it to drop on my plate with no effort from myself.

I also found out about karma – one day when I donated to charity online, within the hour I found out something I was going to sell was worth a lot more than I thought it was.  I wasn’t looking for a payback for giving a donation to the charity, but it came back to me anyway.

I began to trust my intuition.  I noticed things that I hadn’t noticed before.  Little messages pointing things out to me that I had been failing to notice.  And once I started being aware of these things, I realised how much guidance I am always being offered, and how much I already know.  I had some divination cards, and they always told me exactly what I already knew.  The answer was always inside me, I just hadn’t seen it.  It was like my eyes were finally really opening, seeing through the veil that kept the truth hidden.

I decided to have a massive clear out of my flat.  To let go of all the material things I didn’t need.  Now, I have never really thought I was very materialistic – but this was suddenly a new feeling of finally come to the realisation that I was happy just being alive.  No matter where I was, I was happy in myself rather than in where I was or what I had with me.  There was beauty in everything, no matter where I was.

I went through a period of a few weeks of being so happy, it was almost unbelievable to me because I had not experienced happiness for a very long time.  I was bouncing around everywhere, a smile permanently on my face.  My vibrations were so high, I felt like I was buzzing.  Nothing could bother me.  There were some paperwork issues to sort out but I wasn’t worried.  I knew it would be ok in the end.  I was just happy.

Probably one of my ‘saving graces’ was that no matter everything I had been through over the years, I always thought of myself as fortunate.  I was grateful that I had a roof over my head and food to eat.  I had been diagnosed with a severe mental illness but I was grateful the doctors would treat me.  And I was grateful to live through the illness where the statistics would have said I would be dead by now.  It wasn’t like I truly understood it all yet, especially in these darker times.  But for a lot of things, I never felt angry or ‘why me’ for what I was going through.  Don’t get me wrong, like most of us to start with, I found many things to complain about and saw injustices and focussed on them.  But for me, always in the back of my mind was the reminder of the things I did have.  I was always grateful for something.

But back to this year again – I now felt like a little ‘Indigo baby’, opening her eyes in this new world where I finally felt I belonged but still had much to learn.  Like I had been reborn.  And thankfully with the guidebook to guide me, I had a helping hand in this new world.

I looked at the energy healing section again.  I had been interested in Reiki before and had been attuned to level 1.  But the book showed me how to send healing energy through ourselves from the divine universal source, with no need for special courses and attunements to specific energies.  The healing ability could be channelled through us anyway.  One day my goldfish was sick, he was upside down and I knew what illness this normally meant and what medical treatment I would have needed to buy.  But instead I used energy healing in the evening and by the next morning he was swimming happily again the right way up.  I was amazed at first, but then laughed as I realised that I had still doubted myself, whereas I knew that I could heal him.  And this change in viewpoint made the difference.  I believed I could do it and I did.  After all, I now understood it was something bigger than me.  I am just a channel for this energy, so even if my own insecurities could lead me to doubt myself, there was no way that I could doubt in the Universal life force energy (source energy, creator energy or whatever you individually would call it).

I had tried in the past to give my dog Reiki healing sessions, but he always went to another room when I started focusing the energy on him.  With animals they know when they need healing and will only take the energy when they need it.  But one day recently, I knew my dog had an upset tummy.  And suddenly he walked right up to me where I was sitting on the floor and turned his back end towards me.  He pushed himself backwards so he ended up between my hands.  I intuitively knew he was asking for healing, so I stopped what I was doing and focussed on the healing.  I knew when it was enough because he simply walked away after a while, had a drink and then lay down to sleep nearby me.  It felt awesome that he knew what I could give him and that he had asked me for it.  He trusted my ability more than I did.

Watch for Part 3 of Fran's Story in the next blog.
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