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VI- "When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 6 of 6)

Particles of matter vibrate at different frequencies. When you experience something, the rate of your vibrations depend upon what you think and the emotions you feel. The more "feel-good" emotions and positive thoughts, the higher the vibrations. How do you raise your own vibes? By changing your attitude and perspective to a positive view. My friend, Fran shares her story about how her life changed in a positive way by raising her vibes.

Below is part 6 of Fran's story (the final part).
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Fran's Story, Part 6...

Another important lesson that has helped me is practicing forgiveness.  Forgiveness to myself and other people.  I have issues from my past with guilt for things I feel that I did wrong, for mistakes I made etc.  I thought I had let most of this go, but occasionally another memory from the past will appear and the guilt will resurface again.  The guilt used to consume me and eat me up from inside.  But now I have been practicing truly forgiving myself and then letting these things go.   

Recently another person had been treating me in a way that was not very nice and had started to anger me.  It had started to affect me because I was holding onto it.  I was seeing it as a personal attack on me.  But by changing my view, I realised that a lot of the way people treat others is because of things going on in their own life and in themselves.  And by viewing it this way gives me the ability to see the situation as to the question ‘what is wrong in their life or what are they struggling with that expresses itself in this way’, instead of seeing it as a personal attack on me.  The way we act and react is more so telling the story of what is going on inside us.   

That really empowers me to try to help the person with whatever issues they have rather than focusing on the way they are treating me.  So I forgive them for the way they were treating me, feel sorry for them for whatever difficulties they are going through and try to help them instead.  And that totally releases the negativity that I was holding onto viewing the situation the other way.

I have matured spiritually over this last year, but I have gained more of a sense of humor in everyday things and a childlike view of the world, where everything is beautiful and amazing.  From the beginning I have been directed on this journey and have found my way through the darkness into a beautiful place of Peace and Love and Light and Laughter and Smiles.  I have learnt about myself and about life.  I have found my purpose and have had a good look inside myself.  I have realised that life is not a struggle; it is only so if we perceive it that way and let it be that way. 

I am happy and peaceful just now.  I am still learning, still making mistakes, and occasionally falling.  But I forgive myself for those mistakes; I brush my wings off, jump back up and come back fighting harder and stronger.  I fly again and take the lessons I have learnt and use them the best way I can and move forwards.  The only reason to look back is to see how far I have come.  I have a little look as a reminder every now and then, but I really leave it all behind me.  I focus on the present and I fly into the future.  I let go of any excess baggage from the past so that I can carry myself forwards and take others with me who may need a little lift.  There is no point in me holding onto stuff that I no longer need.  I want to make room for the stuff that I need and want to take with me.  That way I can fly longer, higher and further.

I know how to raise my vibrations and I finally understand that smiling and laughing is not just a case of plastering a smile on my face or forcing laughter out of my mouth.   No, instead these truly come from finding a reason to smile and laugh in everything you do or see or experience.  Finding the positive in everything and really feeling it.  Really feeling that smile and laughter inside; the buzzing high vibrations of true laughter, smiles and happiness.  Because these are the ones that will spread like a virus to everyone around you.  But this virus is actually a cure.  A cure to change the world.  A cure that spreads from the centre outwards affecting all that it touches.  When my vibrations are really high, I feel like I am floating along and my soul is dancing and singing as my physical body is walking along the ground.  

I have always wanted to change the world.  Right from the very start of my life that had been my dream.  And now I realise that I CAN change the world – we all can.  We can change the world one person and one vibration at a time.  And that change starts within each and every one of us.  We raise ourselves up and then spread this outwards to other people too.  Like a giant ripple effect.  And when you experience those higher vibrations, nothing else matters, nothing can beat you, nothing can take you down.  And by changing the way I view the world, my attitude, my actions and thoughts – these all made a difference to how I feel and how my life progresses.  And these in turn affect the people around me and their lives too.  In the past I never fully grasped the concept of how a smile could make a difference – but now I do.

So thank you Mama Indigo, thank you guide book, thank you fellow Indigo’s, thank you fellow humans, animals, the world and the universe.  Thank you everyone and everything that have taught me lessons and led me to today.  Because without you all I would not be who I am and be where I am in my life.  Life is beautiful, awesome and amazing – it always is and always has been.  It’s just sometimes we forget to see it that way.   

Now I hope to spread this to other people and help them see the reality of what really is.  Because from this viewpoint - no matter what happens, I will always drink the lemonade instead of the lemons.  And that is thanks to the awesome guidance I have been given.

It all helped me find and release the warrior inside me – to find the voice of my soul which stands up against the odds and sings a beautiful song: A song of understanding; a song of knowing; a song of wisdom and knowledge; a song of love and laughter and light and truth.

So smile, laugh and love – these are the tonics which will make your life awesome, and others too :)

Thank you, Fran for sharing with everyone. You are an inspiration.
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