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V- "When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 5 of 6)

I met Fran through a facebook group a few months ago. We often chatted about various things. Over time, I saw a transformation in Fran.. she was happier. I could see it in her messages, in her postings, and in her comments. I had given her basic advice on occasion and I know she was reading the guide book I co-authored; but the changes she made were all her. Fran chose to be herself, to view life from a positive perspective. I asked her to share her story...
Below is part 5 of Fran's story. 
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Fran's Story, Part 5...
Another thing that I have learnt on this journey is to think and be outside the box.  Labels confine and define us as to who we are, and so therefore can limit us as to who we are and who we can become.  I have been given a few mental illness labels over the years.  And for these years I let these diagnoses define me.  But now I am changing and being more than the labels used to define me, I am free to be whatever and whoever I want to be.   

Some people I know do not like the change in me.  I am more assertive and say what I think and stand up for what I believe in.  I do not fit in to neat little boxes with ticks by the side.  But these people who do not accept me can only stop me from being this person if I let them.  And now I will not let them change me back to who I was before.  Because my truth and reality and understanding of who I am, not what someone else wants me to be.  If, like me, you are used to being controlled by other people or other things, or even your own behavior patterns - sometimes it is hard to break out of that mould.  But when you start to it feels great.  And finding the right people who will allow you to be you and keeping them around you, will help.  Holding onto the things and people in your life that help you, and releasing the things that don’t, is another powerful thing I have learnt.  My new friends, including Mama Indigo and the guidance from The Indigo Child's Survival Guide are the things that help me to be me.

Some of the things I do now people think I am strange and weird (although people always labelled me that anyway!).  But now I push away what others label me as.  I try not to worry what other people will think about me.  I accept myself as to who I am and therefore allow myself to be that person.  I will jump around and play and dance on the beach with my dog.  I will stop and hug a tree on my walks.  I will lie down on the ground and stare up at the stars.  And if people find this strange then so be it, but my hope is they will see how fun and joyous these things are, and will loosen up themselves and do the things that their soul would love to do.  The conforms the lot of society would call these things strange and would not normally be acceptable.  My own family will tell me not to do a lot of the things that I do, or say that it is embarrassing and people will think I am strange.   

Now I challenge my family on these thoughts – I ask them what the problem is with me doing whatever it is they don’t like.  I ask them why it matters so much what other people think.  I challenge their thinking to try to help them to be more open minded too.  I ask them what is wrong with me just being me.  I still get embarrassed sometimes when things happen - like when I am singing or chatting away to myself or my angel or guide or something, or I see something pretty and say ‘wow, that’s pretty’ out loud, and someone appears around the corner and hears me.  Part of me closes up because it is not normal in my town to do these things.  But then I laugh when they are gone, shrug my shoulders and think ‘well I was just enjoying myself – no harm done so there is no problem.’  Or even better, I will look at the person and laugh, and they may laugh too.  And all these things raise my vibrations and hurt no-one, so I will continue to do them.  And you never know – it might encourage someone else to hug a tree too or have an impromptu sing-along!

After the last fall I had, I started practicing gratitude more.  Truly being thankful for everything in my life.  Appreciating everything.  As now as I walk along a street, I will seek out the beauty and things to appreciate – with my eyes, with my ears, with my mind – in every way that I can.  I can turn a simple stone on the ground into a reason to be grateful and appreciate it.  And this really changes my viewpoint of the world.   

If you can turn every neutral thing you see or experience into something beautiful and amazing, then you will be prepared to turn any future potential struggles and difficulties into positives.  Like turning lemons into lemonade – the lemons are still the same, but the sweetness added to turn them into lemonade makes them taste nice instead of horrible.  We all have the power to add our own sweetness to the lemons – just changing how you view something can change the lemons into lemonade.  Add a pinch of positivity and your life will be sweet enough to drink with pleasure instead of bitterness.

Watch for the final installment, Part 6 of Fran's Story in the next blog.
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