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III- "When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear" (Part 3 of 6)

A few weeks ago, I asked my friend to share her story. In the months I have known her, I had the pleasure of seeing her attitude towards life change in a very delightful way. When I asked her to write it, I only requested that she be herself and just let it flow.

Below is part 3 of Fran's story. 
If you wish to read the first 2 parts, you can find them here: Part 1 and Part 2 

Fran's Story, Part 3 of 6…

I spent time trying to figure out where to go from here.  A section in the guide book (The Indigo Child's Survival Guide) on finding your passion was very helpful to me.  I had so many things I loved to do, and was quite talented at.  But spreading myself so thin between them all meant that I couldn’t go far with any specific things.  I remember when I was younger people telling me that no-one likes their job and you can’t do something that you like.  Well, this never rang true to me.  I had always thought, why not do something that I like?  I love animals and I now work in a pet shop and help at dog training classes.  I am happy in this and I never wake up and dread going to work anymore like I used to.  I love my job.  

The pet shop is just selling products to animal owners – but I love talking to the owners and seeing the dogs that come in.  Everyone who comes in the shop would have some kind of story to tell.  And by being around all different types of people broadens my experience of the world.  I love listening to them and allowing them to share stories of their passion for whatever pet they have.  I have always been the kind of person that people gravitate towards to share problems, even if they are strangers they seem able to open up to me.  Some people just want to have a chat to someone, and I am always happy to listen. Although again with help from techniques in the guidebook, I remember psychic protection first so that I do not take their problems and negativity as my own or allow them to drain my energy.  In the past I probably drained myself.  I believe this I why for a long time I was scared to be around anyone – I always wanted to be alone and didn’t want people to come near me.  People terrified me.  I figured out now it was probably because I did not protect myself, and being empathic everything would get dumped on me.  I could not distinguish between other people’s emotions and my own, because I did not know there was a difference.  But now I finally understood how to stop this from happening, so I wanted to be around people again.

One day in the shop an older gentleman had been talking to me for about 15 minutes about his life, and then asked if I get bored with nothing to do in the shop in-between customers.  He assumed because I was fully engaged in listening to him and gave him my undivided attention, that I had nothing else I could be doing.  I laughed gently and admitted to him that I had loads of jobs to do with pricing orders and things, but at this moment he was my priority.  His need came before whatever I needed to do.  He wanted to talk and I was willing to listen.  I felt a difference in his energy as he left the shop, like he felt worth more because someone had listened to him.  I wouldn’t have noticed this before, but now I am becoming more aware of sensing people.  And I feel in the shop that by interacting with people I can brighten their day in some way.  This helps me to feel good about myself too – that I can make a difference to someone’s day just by talking to them.  And every time I feel that I can make a difference, my vibrations raise a bit more – so it’s a win win situation.

I know that training animals is one of my passions because it gives me the most amazing feeling.  And it is infectious to other people watching.  I enjoy showing and demonstrating to others how to have fun with their dog because then I see both the owners and the dogs go away happier.  It brings my vibrations higher and a smile on my face and joy in my heart.  And my idea to share this with others is to visit sick people with my dog in order to help them feel better.  The one thing throughout the years I was ill that never left me was my love for animals.  I could be at the lowest point but an animal, or even talking about an animal could brighten that moment, even if it was only slightly.  I have learnt since that animal’s vibrations are high when they are well, so this must be why it feels so good to be near them.  So I can share this with others.

My other passion is creativity – writing or creating things on my computer or pictures.  When I was really ill in hospital, the one thing that I would do was paintings.  Even in the depths of despair my pictures were always the same – bright yellow suns with water and trees.  It was as if my soul was expressing itself and trying to show me the light was there, even though I could not see it.

When doing one of my passions, I get lost in time.  They make me happy.  I also like making people laugh.  Sometimes people don’t understand my sense of humour or get my jokes, but that in turn is funny to the person too, so we end up laughing anyway.  I know these are the passions for me to follow, because they are things I love with no need for anything in return.  They raise my vibrations when engaged in them.

Reading about psychic skills I understood I was very empathic – picking up other people’s emotions.  Before I had learnt to protect myself, these people’s emotions would become my own and would affect me.  So when I am prepared, the skills used to psychically protect myself first enable me to try to read others but not take their emotions as my own.  Sometimes I am caught unaware.  Just the other day I was walking along the river and as I came around a corner there was a man sitting on a bench.  I immediately felt a deep sadness, enough to nearly make me cry.  I smiled to him as I walked past and said hello.  But inside I was feeling sad and so sorry for him.  And before all that I have learnt now, this emotion would have stayed with me and I would have felt sorry for his situation and focused on that.  My inability to change his situation would have weighed heavy on my mind and the sadness would have slowed my vibrations down, possibly dragging back towards depressed mood.  I really do think that a lot of the time I had depression was from taking on other people’s emotions and problems to myself.  Any articles in papers or on the news would make my mood lower as I felt pain and sadness for the suffering they were going through.  But then, I remembered about raising other people’s vibrations through our own high vibrations.  And that day I truly understood why my focusing on his situation as bad and horrible and sad, was not going to help him.  My vibrations were lower when thinking like that.  What I could do instead was hold my vibrations higher again and show him love and spread the high vibrations to him.  So this was another reminder that I could do things to help change the world.  I was not powerless to help in any way.  And feeling that I can make a difference motivates me more and is another way my vibrations can raise up higher.

Watch for Part 4 of Fran's Story in the next blog.
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