Friday, August 10, 2012

Thoughts + Attitude + Action = Law of Attraction

Do you know the Secret? It is not really a secret. It is the Law of Attraction. You attract the thoughts you send out. Pssh, like that really works.. Sure it does. Your thoughts begin it. Your emotions amplify it. And your actions put it in motion. Would you like me to explain more? 

A great example of the Law of Attraction is through the story I wrote for a friend's blog at a few months back.. The Law of Attraction Case Study: How A Woman Manifested Her Dream Home To The Exact Details. I will gladly share with you a few tips about the LOA.

It Starts with a Thought... 
Here is where you have to really get the words or image right. If you think "I need..." you will always need. If you think "I want..." you will continue to want. If you think "I have..." then you will have. It is already here. It is all in the phrasing, the LOA is very literal.

Attitude Makes A Difference...
People today generally are quick to complain about situations or a person they may be dealing with. It has almost become a default setting to focus on the negative. When you hear others say to "focus on the positive" they are not kidding. You are going to get what you deserve, so check your emotions. Even people will be what you think them to be. If you call someone an idiot, then to you that is just what they will be. By calling someone smart or thoughtful, then you have given them the opportunity to rise up to that. With a positive attitude, you attract positive things.

Taking Action...
Are you one of those people that wishes they would win the lottery but never buy a ticket? You have to go after your dreams. Talk to people. Grab hold of opportunities when presented to you. With the right attitude you can make things happen. Absolute belief is the key. 

It is really quite simple... Practicing the right attitude and putting it to action is the challenge. First of all, think in the positive and present tense. If you believe it will not work, then you are correct that it will not work. But in that sense it does work for the simple fact you believe it does not work that is what works. (Have fun wrapping your mind around that one). But by truly believing, balance your Karma, live in the moment, and a positive attitude anything is possible.


  1. Thanks Mama human beings we tend to complicate issues that are very simple. LofA is very literal like the Law of just simply IS. Have a great weekend and looking forward to the next post. Hugs

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