Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Story Behind "The Indigo Child's Survival Guide" (short version)

I bet most of you do not know I co-authored a book. How it all came together is a unique story.....

I had joined a few Indigo forums and found a great group of people; became friends with some of them. We all shared similar experiences growing up and in our daily lives. As we discussed things, I was often answering questions that started with, "What do you do when...?" or "How do you handle the emotional...?" and the mostly asked, "Has this happened to anyone else...?" Each story was different but the advice given by many was often the same.

We all connected with each other with similar traits that most have labeled "Indigo Child." We identified with each other and learned from each others experiences. Citing sources from all over, each of us giving our perspective from our experiences and it was good sharing. After a while of providing this guidance, some of us realized we were repeating ourselves often.

Baker, Co-author and Friend

While I was chatting with Baker, he said to me that he was searching the web for something inspiring and uplifting for the Indigo Child; some sort of survival guide. Baker and I had friendly chats about the Law of Attraction and finding one's life passion. He has inspired many through his blog at bakerthebrand.com. I knew he was a well accomplished writer and I saw him writing the book he was searching for. I told him, "Stop looking. It's not out there, yet. You're going to write it." (At the time, I did not know I would end up being involved). 

Simone, aka Sim1, Co-Author and Friend

Simone and I had become close, she one day tells me Baker has asked her to write part of the survival guide. I felt this was a great idea as Sim1 has studied healing energies, earned certifications, and teaches mindful meditation techniques. It was nice to see her excited over sharing her knowledge and experience. She has written and continues to write about how to take control of your emotions, through grounding and centering along with other spiritual growth experiences in her blog at healingsoulstice.blogspot.com 

Sim1 and Baker had asked another young lady to write with them, but that participation did not follow through. Sim1 suggested to Baker that they ask me... Three different authors, each of us bringing in our strengths.

I will not bore you with the process it took to put it all together. Each of us spent years learning through life; experimenting, practicing techniques, learning how to recognize and understand the signs the universe put in front of us. We recognize ourselves as Indigos and understand what it's like. We wrote this survival guide to help others find their own way.

The Indigo Child's Survival Guide

"The Indigo Child's Survival Guide", written by Baker with Mama Indigo and Sim1 Indigo. We wrote it to help and make it available to as many people as possible. Many have asked us why we don't just give the book away. We do not want to limit our reach to the forums. Everyone should be able to have a chance to read it.

We teamed up with Virgo eBooks Publishing who has now made the e-book version available to many more than those we know in the forums. It is now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks. Profits from the digital version were used towards the printed paperback version to make it even more available to those who are not digital or prefer to hold the book in their hands.

Since this post was originally written. "The Indigo Child's Survival Guide" has helped hundreds of people around the world. It has been translated into several languages and in the process of being translated into several others.

Follow the links, check out the previews and reviews. Read the authors blogs. Get the guide book or not. Either way, I wish you well on your journey and may you have days full of love, laughter.


  1. I feel so privileged to be getting to know you all better, your wonderful Book and to be able to identify myself an Indigo and understand that all i went throuh brought me to where i am.. and thank-you to Beautiful Souls as yourselves and your work i can now dicifer the 'Indigo Puzzle', heal, move on and use my talents and knowledge to also help others.. Life (on this planet) can truly be Beautiful if we are Courageous and never 'give up'!!
    I Love You All, Cindy-Anne (Humble-Indigo-Warrior)

    1. Thank you, Cindy-Anne. It is a pleasure and privileged to know you =)) Live. Love. Laugh. ((=