Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fate Vs Destiny

We have our free will to still make the in-the-moment choices, how we perceive and how we react. But in the end of each lesson or life journey, events will unfold to place us at a predetermined destination where the next part of our journey begins.

Fate Vs. Destiny

Each day passes by, with a shadow covering the moment. What was once special and tender has hardened to a cold darkness as Fate kicks the foundation of strength and honesty. Fate waves the sweetness of wants and greed until the darkness consumes what was once a better moment. Cries of painful desperation only come once fate laughs and points but now time is lost. These moments are remembered, regretted, grieved, and slapped in the face, but never forgotten.

Hope pushes Fate into a corner and Destiny tightens the harness. The reins of the shadows are firmly held with white knuckle and sweat. Determination plants its roots into the broken foundation, fighting to survive. Screaming at Fate, "You Will not beat me!" And with each branched root pushing in deeper, the strength grows and thickens. The Leaves of Destiny consume the dark moments, breathing life and a secure warmth of light, searching for the opening, the moment.

Fate pretends to look away as vines twist and fight between the cracks in the walls and creep under locked doors. With dull shears in a back pocket, whistling and idle tune, waiting for another moment to be lost. Simply waiting for the roots to break or weaken. Then a painful snip of separation.
(Originally written in 2003).

It is important to remember, no matter what you always have Free Will. And no one can ever take that from you. I think part of our life is predetermined destinations or experiences; how we choose to travel is our choice. 

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