Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Have You Heard About Indigo Children? They are Here.

What is an Indigo Child? You might have heard about these kids and many of them are adults. Indigos have been around for centuries but over the last several decades, their numbers have greatly increased in the world's population. If you search the web, you will come across quite a few different sites explaining what an Indigo Child is.. in short, a person with a warrior spirit, always questioning and challenging the ways of the world and has a strong sense of a higher purpose. To give you a better explanation, I want to share with you part of my journey.

As a child... I was incredibly stubborn (hehe, still am). I never just accepted an answer like, "because I said so." I always wanted to know why. I defied authority, rebellious in many ways. I was never considered 'normal' by my family and I embraced the weirdness... I know you are thinking, "a lot of kids are like that." But this is where it gets more interesting.

Images of people and places that I did not know would often flash through my mind. I would touch objects and feel the emotions attached to it. Deja vu moments were a normal thing for me. And I always knew who was calling when the phone rang.

The most difficult to understand was the emotional strain of energy I felt. Later I discovered I have empathic abilities and it was other people's emotions I was feeling on top of my own. Anytime I tried to discuss any of this with my parents I was told that I was "crazy" or "getting too far out there." So I stopped talking about it, without letting go of that feeling that there was so much more to what I was taught.

As an adult... I saw ghosts in a few homes I lived in. My visions had become clearer and more controlled. I even had a full telepathic conversation with a roommate that she confirmed. I knew these gifts were real. I wanted to know more. I went beyond the teachings of my Christian upbringing and looked into other beliefs. I studied Sciences, Buddhism, Wicca, reincarnation, evolution, and looked in to a few other world religions. I analyzed everything. A life long journey gathering the pieces of the puzzle we call Life. 

I came across the term 'Indigo Child' while searching for information about ADHD. Wow, I couldn't believe there were many more like me. I mean, I knew I wasn't the only one but to be able to discuss all of this with someone else with the same experiences was a huge weight lifted off of me. Since my new found explanation I joined several Indigo groups and made many new friends. And have gained a greater control over my gifts and my mind.

The Purpose of the Indigo...

Why are there so many Indigos today? If you have been paying any attention to what is going on in the world, you can see the systems are faltering. The Indigo Children are here to help usher those needed changes; the next generation to change the world. The rebellious warrior spirit isn't just going to lie down and do as they are told; they are the 'system busters.' Everything around us is changing and the Indigos are here to help pave the way for Crystal Children, which is another subject for another day.

Now, you can sit there as you read this and take it as a bunch of overinflated nonsense... or you can do a little research for yourself and learn more about the Indigo Children... maybe YOU are an Indigo. 

If you believe you are an Indigo Child or Indigo Adult, know that you are not alone. I recommend getting "The Indigo Child's Survival Guide" written by Baker, Mama Indigo (myself) & Sim1 Indigo
This is not an awakening book. This book is for those who have 'awakened' and are ready to take control of their gifts and their life.

I wish you well on your journey.

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